It has only taken me four years and two children but I have realised that the aim of this parenting game, at least on a micro day-by-day survival level, is to wear your kids out so they fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow at night. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

One of the best things we have ever done, both for wearing the kids out and also creating fun childhood experiences, is to put a trampoline in the backyard.

We were kindly gifted this 8ft Round Summit Trampoline from Oz Trampolines for the purpose of this review. All opinions shared are genuine and my own.

Oz Trampolines review

Oz Trampolines review


Did you have a trampoline as a kid? I did and I often wonder how my sister and I made it out alive! Thankfully trampolines have come a long way. We have found the Oz Trampolines Summit to be excellent quality. The materials are strong, with tight fixings, a great net to keep the kids safe inside, padding over the springs to prevent injury and overall a superior product.

The outer of the safety padding is water resistant and the inner is made with water and mildew resistant foam. The safety net is UV treated PVC with a zipless enclosure system.


My father-in-law came over and helped my husband to assemble the trampoline. It took them about an hour and a half (plus a few drink breaks) and was quite straightforward. I did need to help with a few finishing touches when my father-in-law left and these were relatively easy to do. We did have some difficulty with installing the cover as it is quite a firm fit.

If you are planning a stealth trampoline assembly when the kids have gone to bed, make sure you have enough light to see what you are doing.


Oz Trampolines have a range of accessories available and we have given a few a test drive. The Sound Bounce Speaker brings the tunes to the trampoline via Bluetooth. Weatherproof and soft, the speaker has multiple attachment options and with a clear, quality sound.

We also have the soccer goals which our girls haven’t shown too much interest in yet (hello, jumping!) but when my nephew was over recently, he was straight into the yard and kicking the ball around. The goals attach to the bottom of the trampoline so they are a great space saver if you have a soccer nut.

By far our favourite accessory is the Jet Spray. Perfect for hot summer days, the Jet Spray attaches to your hose and sprays a fine mist over the trampoline. Water can build up over time so the trampoline can get a little bit slippery so this is something to be aware of. As is your child lying down to drink the water pooling on the mat, but this is a whole other issue!


My kids LOVE this trampoline and use it almost every day. My youngest (13 months) isn’t up to jumping but she does love joining her sister or I inside and crawling around. It won’t be long before she is bouncing around as well.

My eldest (4 years) has found her place in the world, bounding from one side of the trampoline mat to the other. Even when she isn’t jumping, she will take her paper and pencil in to draw, a few books to read or walk around the trampoline telling her fabulous stories.

In terms of the bounce factor, she can jump pretty high for such a little person. I have given it a go a few times myself and it holds really well with adults on board too. I have been reminded of the work involved in actually jumping on a trampoline! The mat also provides great support if you just want to laze in the sun, which I have been known to do with my youngest.

Overall impressions

My husband and I had talked about getting a trampoline for awhile and now that we have one, I don’t know why we waited so long. In terms of our impressions of Oz Trampolines, they are overwhelmingly positive. I have peace of mind that my girls are safe while they play and that the trampoline will last. I remember lying on my old trampoline while I was at High School, using it as a place to study in the sunshine. I can see my girls doing the same thing, with the trampoline a big part of their young lives already.

trampoline with enclosure

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