Having a two-year-old at Christmas this year is adding so much extra joy to an already wonderful time of the year. The amazement and wonder of Santa (who mummy has a direct phone line to), the discovery of presents and seeing all our favourite people throughout the month is making for a very happy little girl.

To add to the joy of the season we were also lucky enough to go along to the opening night of Santa’s Magical Kingdom at Sydney Showground. If you are thinking of heading along, here is what to expect.

The queue

Don’t be turned off by the long queue (and I mean seriously long queue). Once the doors open it does move really quite quickly. And once you are inside you will wonder where all the people went! There is lots of space for everyone and it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Rides & Games

There is so much for the kids to do with loads of rides and games for all ages. We were there with a two year old so stuck to the tame rides like the bus and tea cups. For the more adventurous at heart there were roller coasters and all sorts of crazy upside down rides which I wouldn’t have gone on even if I didn’t have a two-year-old with me. I’m such a wimp!


There were also games the kids could play which were about $5 a play. Olivia spotted the Minion prizes at the basketball game but considering the basketball was nearly bigger than her we opted for a more suitable fishing game.


One of our favourite things was the Duplo/Lego brick zone. I don’t know if hubby’s or Olivia’s eyes lit up more when they spotted it!


The Circus

This was definitely the highlight for us. I was too engaged in the show to take any pictures but trust me when I say it was amazing. We went in early to get a good seat and Olivia was starting to get restless but as soon as the show started she was enthralled. She clapped along with the audience and was quite taken by Santa and the angel. Make sure you do go and watch this. The acrobatics are amazing and it is quite exciting to watch for the kids and adults alike.

Gingerbread decorating

This was a bit of fun but we were more interested in eating the icing than anything else. Oops!



There are some serious wreaths and Christmas tress hung around the place but Snowland is beautiful. There is fake snow, an ice skating rink, Christmas trees, lit up animals and a lovely Christmas atmosphere.


Santa and friends

For us at the moment the concept of Santa is amazing but the reality of a bearded man in a red suit is a bit frightening so we stayed away from Santa. We were able to get close enough to a few of Santa’s friends who were roaming the showground. They were all really friendly, not that you can tell from these photos…



We were guests of Santa’s Magical Kingdom but all thoughts are my own. Santa’s Magical Kingdom is running now through Christmas Eve. You can find all the details for booking, location etc at the Santa’s Magical Kingdom website.

Have you been to Santa’s Magical Kingdom before? Are you going this year? Share your thoughts or tips below!


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