I am no domestic goddess, just ask my hubby! But cleaning is one of those jobs we all have to do. Sigh. I have a few little tricks I use to make my life a little bit easier in the cleaning and organisation space. I am never going to win the award for the cleanest house but these organisation and cleaning hacks help me get by and control the chaos!

Spot vacuum clean


Life with a toddler is filled with so many crumbs! And smooshed fruit and plates of food strategically dumped all over the floor. My crumb saviour is spot vacuum cleaning. For this I use the amazing Dyson V6 Absolute which I was gifted to review. We keep the V6 charged and after dinner (or toddler drops cheerios on the floor and tantrums on top of them scenarios, like above) we vacuum under the table and collect any crumbs.

I am also a clumsy mess in the kitchen so I usually give the kitchen floor a once over at the same time. Then I just do a big vacuum (again with the V6 – it has 20 minutes of battery life with a full charge) once a week or fortnight. It then doesn’t take that long because most of the rooms are fairly clean anyway.

I’ve had a Dyson hand held vacuum before but the V6 is a whole other level of awesome. It comes with two different heads – one for hard floors and one for carpets – and they work so super well. Olivia loves helping me vacuum and I live for the day that she is old enough to hold it herself and clean away!

dyson v6 absolute

Microfibre cloths


I discovered microfibre cleaning cloths a few years ago and now don’t use anything else. As you can see I have quite a little collection building. They are better for the environment than throw away cloths and when I started using them I was amazed at how well they do clean. My favourite cloths are from White Magic. You just throw them in the washing machine to give them a clean and they are really durable.

Key basket


This one was hubby’s idea so I can’t take the credit. I was forever putting my sunglasses and keys in random places when I arrived home and then spending ages looking for them when it was time to leave the next morning. So hubby suggested we put a basket at the front door for our keys, wallets, sunglasses etc. I save so much time each morning by not having to run around the house shouting, “has anyone seen my sunglasses?” (and by anyone, I mean hubby). It is also out of reach from Olivia (for now) so one less thing she can hide

Wash your clothes at night


I forever have a big pile of washing building up in my laundry so one thing I have started doing is putting the washing on at night and then hanging it out first thing in the morning. That way it is done for the day and hubby will have clean undies and socks the next day. Similarly put dishwasher on before bed, if you have one, and then unpack it in the morning.

Shared google calendar


Hubby and I have a shared google calendar that is set up on both of our phones. Any events that he needs to know about, I add into the shared calendar and he does likewise. It’s really easy to do and less fiddly than having to invite him in the calendar listing. If you have a bigger family this can also help with managing after school activities and you can colour code activities for each child. If something isn’t in my calendar, it isn’t going to happen!

Use paper towel for vegetable peelings


I am a really messy vegetable peeler. Those little strips end up everywhere! I now pop a piece of paper towel on the kitchen bench and peel the veggies straight on top of it. Then when I’m done I just pick it up and throw it in the bin. You can peel them straight over the bin so the peelings fall in but I’m just too messy for this and a piece always falls behind the bin. I also peel boiled eggs onto paper towel.

So that’s my tips. I’ve worn out the teeny tiny domestic goddess within me! But now I want to know your cleaning and organisation hacks? What do you do to keep your home clean and your family organised?


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