I’m a bit slow at posting about Olivia’s first birthday party (you can read more about what has been going on here). It was at the beginning of December and the poor thing came down with Tonsillitis a few days before her party. She has barely been sick this year but also had a cold for her Christening. Better luck next year…

The benefit of having a birthday in summer is that you get great weather right? Well, that week in Sydney it was hot one minute and storming the next so we had to move our plans for a backyard BBQ to inside the house. Despite Olivia being a bit under the weather and the hot, sticky weather we all had a great day. I was so pleased with the decorations and how it all came together.

We didn’t have too much of a theme just bright, colourful and spotty dotty. I went to the flower market the day before the party because I love fresh flowers. I was able to pick up some gorgeous hydrangeas and roses as well as a few other bits. It is so much cheaper to go to the flower market if you have the time. I spent about $70 on flowers and came home with so many bunches, way more than I needed. They lasted for ages after the party also. I reused some of the painted vases I had made for Olivia’s Christening. They will come in handy over the years I think.

pink hydrangea in vase

pink flower in vase

pink roses

In honour of Olivia’s biscuit obsession, I set up “Olivia’s bikkie bar” at the front door. There were baby num nums and milk arrowroot biscuits for her little friends and tim tams and a few other biscuits for the adults. I had planned to make a few different types but I ran out of time and wasn’t going to beat myself up about it. The bikkie bar was a huge hit.

biscuit bar

first birthday party biscuit bar

I purchased some tissue paper honeycomb balls and made an arrangement to hang from our shutters. It went with the theme and added some colour. I also made a confetti garland with large cut out circles (thanks mum for cutting them out). It was so easy to make – just a straight line of sewing on the machine.

first birthday party decoration

confetti garland

For lunch we had sausages on a roll with gourmet sauces. We bought Italian sausages from the butcher with crusty rolls from the bakery and some tasty homemade coleslaw also. I wasn’t stressed in the kitchen trying to serve up loads of finger food or get meals heated up so I was a happy lady.

first birthday party food


I tried to keep things simple with the cake and made my go to birthday cake that I have made so many times before, Nigella Lawson’s Autumnal birthday cake. But it turned out all crumbly so we had to “glue” it together with icing. It still tasted amazing so it wasn’t too bad. I made the topper using a hot glue gun to stick the cut out circles onto skewer sticks.

first birthday cake

I wish I had takenĀ  photo of Olivia’s dress at the end of the day. She ended up on the front deck playing in the dirt from one of our plants. She was having a ball and thankfully the dirt came out of the dress. She had so much fun opening her presents, well playing with the paper was fun anyway!


How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday?


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