Juice experts nudie have done it again, this time creating a delicious product perfect for kids lunchboxes. The new range includes four fun and fruity flavours, which all contain nothing but fruit. That’s right, no added anything! And it is packages in a super convenient tetra pak.

nudie sent me the new range to take for a taste run and I brought in an expert panel to share their thoughts. ‘Awesome sauce’ was the phrase of the moment on tasting day. It is a phrase that didn’t even exist in my vocabulary as a kid but then maybe if the kids nudie range was around someone would have invented it much sooner.

Our expert tasters of Master 7 and Miss 3 both loved the juice and their Mum loved that it wasn’t packed with any nasties, only fruit. The winners for flavour were the nothing but 2.5* apples and nothing but tropical juice flavours. Master 7 enjoyed the nothing but lemonade flavour more than Miss 3, probably a little too sour for her taste buds. The kids also liked the nothing but 2.6* oranges, particularly as it is pulp free and a sweet and mild orange flavour.

Thankfully big kids can also enjoy the range and like the kids I loved the apple and tropical flavours. Perfect to go with toast for breakfast on the go or packed for a picnic on the weekend. Us big kids don’t want all the added sugar and preservatives in our juice either!

Each kids nudie contains two serves of fruit and can contribute towards children’s recommended daily intake of fruit**. The kids nudie range is RRP $6.99 for a six pack and available from Woolworths in the chilled section and in selected café’s and corner stores. You can win your own kids nudie prize pack with Kid Magazine. Visit our competition page to find out how.

Brand ambassador for nudie, Liz Ellis, a mum, aunty and netball coach knows about the importance of ahealthy lifestyle and choosing the right food and drinks for kids. Liz has shared her ten tips for Australian parents to help their children lead a healthy lifestyle.

1. Team Sports

A great way to get kids active is to enroll them in organised team sport. Team sports are fantastic because they contribute to both physical fitness and general wellbeing. Kids learn important life skills like working as part of a team, communication and social inclusion.

2. Outside Play

Activity doesn’t always have to be formal or planned – kicking a ball around in a park, playing hide and seek and spending time outside exercises the imagination as well as the body.

3. Incidental Exercise

Get the whole family moving more in your daily activities. Take the stairs and have fun with younger kids counting each step, park at the other end of the car park, walk to the shops or have fun exploring a new area!

4. Dance

When it’s a horrible rainy day or if you’re pressed for time, turn the TV off, put some music on and dance! Kids love dancing, and if you make it a mini dance-off or encourage the weirdest/funniest/craziest dance moves this will bring plenty of giggles as well as a great workout.

5. Drink Water

kids nudie is great once a day – but water should be high on the agenda too. Kids will need to be hydrated after activity, so having a water bottle handy is a great way to recover.

6. Sleep

Sleep is one of the most crucial ingredients for our health. Routines are important with both little and big kids, so get them into a habit of going to sleep at a certain time and your kids’ bodies and minds will thank you for it

7. Limit screen time

Limiting screen time is easier said than done, but it is so important to get kids away from the computer or TV, that it is worth the battle!

One thing that my family does, with some success, is to avoid having the TV on as background noise.  If the pre-agreed shows aren’t on, turn the TV off and get active!

8. Plan meals  

We all know how important healthy eating is, but when you are busy it isn’t easy – sometimes life gets in the way!

Spending a bit of time on the weekend pre-planning your week’s menu and buying fresh food in one shop will make week-day mealtimes easier and healthier. kids nudie provides a perfect opportunity to contribute to your kids daily intake of fruit.**

9. Give the kids some control

Let them plan a family outing and decide on activities – maybe which park to go to, or a particular walk.  Once they are invested in the activity they will make sure it happens!

10. Be a good role model

You are the first and most important person your kids look up to.  If they see you making healthy food and drink choices and being active, it is a habit they will aspire to.

*give or take a few

**The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that kids should have two serves a fruit a day (1 serve of fruit = 125ml of fruit juice)



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