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Hands up if you’ve ever been asked when you’re going to start trying to conceive a baby. *Every woman raises her hand* When complete strangers give you unsolicited tips on conception-related positions that worked for them, or dig for intimate details of your sex life, the reality is, that for 1-in-6 Australian couples, these questions are really uncomfortable.

Blogger and mum of two, Kylie Travers, knows the struggle of infertility all too well. “I have PCOS and was told at 17 it was unlikely I’d have children. It took almost 18 months to fall pregnant and made me feel like a failure, as I could not conceive while multiple ‘accidental’ pregnancies happened to people around me. I had been raised in a heavily religious community and children were expected soon after marriage. Being unable to do so broke my heart, and at times made me question my self worth.”

Declining fertility rates

Since 1976 Australia’s fertility rates have been on the decline, with an almost four-fold increase in the number of IVF cycles since the early 1990s. For 80 per cent of couples, there will be a medical reason for their infertility, while 20% of couples will experience unexplained infertility.

According to Senior Fertility Specialist, and Clinical Director of IVF Australia, A/Prof Gavin Sacks, “While the potential causes of male and female infertility are many and varied, lifestyle factors, including nutritional intake, and timed sexual intercourse, play a large role in natural conception. Importantly, natural conception involves both parties being up to speed with the impact of health and lifestyle factors on reproductive health.”

Introducing the conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit

conceiveplease Fertility KitAustralia’s first holistic pregnancy planning kit, developed by fertility experts, is now available online and in pharmacy nation-wide to offer couples valuable information, knowledge and tools to help kick-start their journey to natural conception.

The conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit acts as a one-stop fertility shop, comprising a clinically-proven, holistic, four-step plan with supporting products and medical devices to aid male and female fertility, by helping couples to start or extend a family through natural conception, or to nurture an ongoing pregnancy.

The conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit includes:

Pre-conception health & support

One month’s supply of “his and hers” vitamins to support male and female reproduction, including:

  • conceiveplease™ Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Vitamins to aid reproduction health and supply essential nutrients, including 500mcg of folic acid and 250mcg of iodine and iron, plus 16 essential minerals and vitamins (one tablet per day with food);
  • conceiveplease™ SpermPlus for Men Only Vitamins (containing a combination of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals) to support male fertility and sperm health (one capsule per day with food). The vitamins include various antioxidants clinically proven to help foster sperm health – vitamins C, D and E, selenium, lycopene, garlic oil, folic acid, zinc and calcium.
  • An educational conceiveplease™ Fertility Booklet written by fertility experts and focusing on female and male reproduction, preparing for pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, strategies for monitoring ovulation and predicting the fertile days, a chapter for men on sperm health, and diagnostic testing for fertility;
  • An instructional DVD on the four-step plan to conceiving and how to use the products in the conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit; and
  • Meditation for conception CD focusing on fertility.

Menstrual cycle monitoring for ovulation

  • The conceiveplease™ Fertility Calendar is designed to simplify fertility tracking, record symptoms, moods, sexual activity, basal body temperature and cervical mucus changes. The calendar is used to plot the LH surge in urine and the most fertile window of the ovulation cycle, to collectively improve a couple’s chances of falling pregnant;
  • A hi-speed, digital thermometer to monitor basal body temperature throughout the menstrual cycle in order to pinpoint the most fertile period;
  • Five conceiveplease™ One Step LH Urine Ovulation Tests, to help predict the LH surge and timing around ovulation.

Timed sexual intercourse

Patient information that clearly and concisely explains why couples should be having sex at least once a day during the fertile period – i.e. when a positive result is obtained with the conceiveplease One Step LH Urine Ovulation Test, ovulation should occur within 24-48 hours, and sexual intercourse should ideally occur just prior to, and around, ovulation time.

Testing for early pregnancy

Two conceiveplease™ One Step HCG Pregnancy Tests to aid the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the early pregnancy;

Trying to conceive – getting fertility fit

If you’re thinking about trying for a baby, pre-conception health for both men and women is important for fertility. According to fertility experts, your pre-conception health review should include:

  1. A pre-pregnancy antenatal check-up with a doctor to determine immunity and rule out health factors that may affect fertility and pregnancy;
  2. Quitting smoking – couples where both partners are smokers have a two-fold chance of infertility. Smoking can affect the quality of eggs, increase the incidence of birth malformations such as cleft palate, and lead to pre-term birth;
  3. Achieving and maintaining an ideal, healthy weight. The ideal BMI for both men and women is 18.5 – 24.9. It becomes more difficult to conceive with a BMI greater than 25. Shedding just five – 10 per cent of body weight can improve the chances of ovulation and subsequent pregnancy. Conversely, being underweight can lead to ovulation disorders and infertility;
  4. Reviewing alcohol consumption. Alcohol can cause direct damage to eggs and sperm, and the embryo’s development in early pregnancy;
  5. Following a healthy diet will not only reduce pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, but can also reduce the likelihood of the child becoming obese;
  6. Commencing a daily intake of folic acid. Women need a minimum daily dose of 500mcg of folic acid in their bloodstream for the development of their baby’s central nervous system within the first four weeks of development. Foods containing folic acid include green vegetables, beans and cereals, however they will not be sufficient alone. It is vital that a woman takes a daily folic acid supplement from at least a month prior to conception and for a minimum of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Iodine is also vital for foetal brain development. To support pre-conception planning, the conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit contains specially formulated vitamins for women and men.
  7. Women recognising their most fertile time;
  8. Engaging in regular, sexual intercourse – two-to-three times per week;
  9. Self-nurturing. Stress is often a constant companion in our lives, so it’s important to relax as much as possible.

Setting the mood

So with theconceiveplease™ Fertility Kit taking care of the fertility side of things, here are a few tips for setting the “mood” for baby making!

  • Don’t tell anyone (other than those who need to know!) that you’re trying to conceive as it can put added pressure on you when others know. Just think of the beautiful surprise you will give them when you share your pregnancy news.
  • Relax and try to enjoy the process. If you’re nervous, you will probably be like fumbling teenagers. Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience, so try to enjoy each step of the journey.
  • If you feel like a woman on a mission to conceive, sex can start to feel very clinical. Light some candles, put on your sexy lingerie, prepare a nice meal together, or do whatever it is that makes you relax and feel sexy. See above – enjoy it!

To learn more about the conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit, and how to fall pregnant naturally, head to, or ask your local pharmacist about the kit today.

Administration & safety

The conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit is for use in natural conception and not for use in cases of diagnosed infertility. The Fertility Kit is for one month’s use only. Each medical device contained within the kit has its own instructions for use that must be read carefully. Store the Fertility Kit below 25°C, do not freeze, and keep out of reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date. Always read the label and use only as directed.


conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit contains vitamins, minerals, and medical devices plus information to support and educate women and men through pregnancy planning and the different stages of pregnancy. Conceive Please™ Pty Ltd offers no guarantee that you will conceive. Consultation with a medical fertility specialist should be sought after 12 months if conception has not resulted, or after 6 months if either partner is aged over 35. Speak to your doctor using the conceiveplease™ Fertility Kit if you have any pre-existing conditions.

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