Party by Stuff Mums Like

Theming by Linda at Ever So Sweet.

kids dinosaur party food

Cake by Messant Cake Design.

Activities: Frozen Dinosaur eggs- Kmart little Dinosaurs inside a balloon. Fill balloon with water and freeze. Use a syringe with warm water to melt the egg and release the Dinosaur- this kept them busy for ages!

4th birthday dinosaur party activities

Dino dig- made Dinosaur bones and fossils from white salt dough. Buried them in the dirt and the kids could be archeologists and dig them up.

Plaster Dinosaurs to paint and Dinosaur stencils to colour in from Kmart.

dinosaur party treat ideas

Obstacle course, egg and spoon race, piñata, magic Dinosaur spot etc. got prizes, piñata etc from Kmart.

Printables from Etsy.

Mylo loves Dinosaurs and we thought it was a great theme with lots of fun ideas and easy to create activities.

kids dinosaur party