It has been 6 1/2 months since my daughter was born and I am ashamed to say that the most exercise I have done in that time is walking around the shops and joining her in our daily tummy time. I have found it so hard to fit exercise in during the day. I used to love working out at the gym but now the thought of having to get us both ready, get Olivia into the crèche and complete my workout just doesn’t seem all that enjoyable.

So last night I signed up for Body Beyond Birth. I am part of the review panel for this 12-week post-pregnancy program and I’m excited! I feel like my whole body has changed since having my baby. Clothes don’t fit the same way they used to, my breasts have grown as I’m breastfeeding and my tummy has become problem area number one. I try and eat relatively healthily but have become really bad at planning meals and so we eat takeaway and packaged meals a lot more often than I would like. Exercise is a dream and I really haven’t even tried to fit it into our schedule because something had to give and I just didn’t know where to start.

I want to be a good role model for Olivia. I want to teach her how to be healthy and happy in life. I want to instil in her a love of good nutritious food and an active lifestyle so that when she grows up she will have the tools she needs for a healthy future.

My goals for the 12-week Body Beyond Birth program are:

  • Loose 7kg to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight
  • Cook at least one NEW healthy recipe each week
  • Fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans
  • Gain back my body confidence

To keep me honest, I will blog about my progress, challenges and achievements each week. Eek! I’ll also post some pictures on instagram along the way so head over and follow me there if you want to see my progress in pictures.


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