7 days of following a gluten free diet sounded a bit scary to me when I first heard about it. My initial thoughts were of past gluten free attempts where I forced myself to eat cardboard flavoured bread and spent a fortune on filling my pantry with every gluten free product on the supermarket shelves. But that was a few years ago and maybe my tastes have matured to like the taste of cardboard I thought? I need not have worried though as I was soon to find out.

After a consultation with Nutritionist & Naturopath Sarah-Jane Purnell I was ready to go. Sarah-Jane eased my mind with a number of concerns I was having. Firstly as I am breastfeeding she assured me that a gluten free diet would not affect this and I just needed to keep up my intake of low-GI carbohydrates (such as quinoa, brown rice and amaranth) as well as ensuring I drink lots of water. The second and most eye-opening factor for me in my consultation with Sarah-Jane was that eating gluten free doesn’t mean buying every gluten free product known to man. It is about a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and replacing regular pantry staples such as bread and cereal with gluten free alternatives.

So armed with a $250 Coles voucher from PureBred I hit the shops with Sarah-Jane’s tips in my mind. I purchased some PureBred raisin toast as raisin toast seems to be a staple in our house along with a loaf of PureBred Chia loaf. I also stocked up on fresh fruit and veg, bought some lean meats for the week along with some milk, nuts and yogurt to snack on, eggs for breakfast and snacks and cheese to add to meals and salads. I also picked up some brown rice and quinoa to add to meals.

The first thing I noted was that gluten free bread has come a long way and no longer tastes like cardboard. It is actually quite enjoyable to eat. The PureBred raisin toast was a great afternoon snack with a cup of tea and the PureBred Chia Loaf was great for sandwiches and with eggs for breakfast.

The second thing was that following a gluten free diet is actually quite a healthy way to eat. It makes you stop and think twice about everything you eat and limits the temptation of muffins, donuts and other sweet treats while out and about. If you strip your diet back to fresh foods and be careful with snacks it is quite easy to go gluten free.

I really enjoyed my 7-day gluten free challenge. I felt less bloated by the end of the week and generally had more energy. I have since returned some gluten to my diet but do buy PureBred bread when at home as bread is the main source of gluten in my diet. If you want to read more about a gluten free diet you can check out the April/May issue of Kid Magazine for a spotlight on going gluten free.

Thanks to PureBred and Sarah-Jane Purnell for this experience!


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