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I was under the impression that every person of a certain age had seen The Sound of Music. It’s a classic right? But it turns out that I’m married to the one person who hasn’t seen it. I only learnt this while we were on the train to see The Sound of Music at The Capitol Theatre on Sunday night when I asked hubby if he was looking forward to the show. “Well I haven’t seen it so I don’t know the story”, was his response leaving me wondering if I really knew my husband at all.

If you are one of the handful of people who haven’t seen The Sound of Music movie, this post contains spoilers. All you really need to know is that the musical showing now is a really spectacular show. Big name likes Cameron Daddo and Marina Prior are outstanding and Amy Lehpamer as Maria manages to do more than justice to the incomparable Julie Andrews.

For those Sound of Music fans who like me grew up watching the film almost weekly, it can be hard to see something you love in a different format. Will it live up to the original? What if it doesn’t? Will I love my favourite a little bit less?

  1. When Maria (Amy Lehpamer) and Captain Von Trapp (Cameron Daddo) declare their love for each other and embrace with a kiss (accompanied by a resounding oooh from the audience just like high school!)
  2. The likeness of Amy Lehpamer’s Maria to the Julie Andrews’ Maria. No one will ever replace Julie Andrews as Maria but Lehpamer comes very very close.
  3. Anything with the Von Trapp children. The casting here is superb and I had a big grin on my face every time the kids came on stage. I’m sure these are the future rising stars of the musical industry.
    The sound of music sydney von trapp kids
  4. My absolute favourite song from the movie is So Long, Farewell and I loved it just as much in the musical. The kids add so much fun and warmth to their rendition.
  5. Do-Re-Mi is a song I have always sung to Olivia. It is simple and easy to remember and she loves it so I was bopping along when it was sung on stage. I wish she was old enough to come along and watch it but two-year-olds aren’t made to sit still for 2+ hours…
  6. The rendition of Climb Every Mountain by the Mother Abbess (Jacqueline Dark) is a standout and highlight. What a voice!
  7. Every time I go to see a musical or show I end up in tears at the end when the cast are taking their final bows. Am I the only one? I just feel so proud for each and every one of them. Call me crazy but clapping along at the end is one of my favourite things.
  8. Having a night out with hubby complete with a rushed hot dog at Harry’s Café de Wheels (just around the corner from the Capitol Theatre) before the show and then a choc top at intermission. Bliss!

The Sound of Music has hit Sydney after it’s record breaking run at the London Palladium and is on it’s way to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2016. In the crowd there were groups of women, families, mothers and daughters, couples and I spotted a young couple with their grandmother sitting in front of us.

I really loved the show but what did my husband, The Sound of Music newbie think? When I asked him he said it was “bearable” which is saying a lot from him. The biggest test was that he didn’t get up to the go to the toilet and wait in the halls checking Facebook during the show!

You can find out tour details, dates and buy tickets at the Sound of Music Tour website.

Are you a Sound of Music lover? Will you be going along to the musical?


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