Last year I had the pleasure of visiting Sarah and Rita Ferraina at their Leichhardt boutique, I Piccolini. Sarah and Rita are sisters-in-law who launched I Piccolini as an online kids boutique and quickly expanded to a physical store. Sarah is a stylish mum of two and full of personality and fun. She is all about no fuss fashion that looks good and has shared her thoughts on style here. 

My style is generally minimalist, not over worked at all. I am usually the last to get dressed in the family with the least time to spend and the most effort required (!), so I like to wear things which I can quickly throw together (but don’t look thrown together) and can go from work to the grocery store to running after the kids.

Stylish mum sarah ferraina

I have to admit that my style is completely temperamental and mood dependent these days. There are days I feel very feminine and love wearing dresses, skirts and heals. While others, denim jeans, a white tee and a trusted comfy pair of flats are my best friends. I have never been able to ‘plan’ my outfits which would be ideal for time-management reasons, because of just how mood-dependent my style is these days. Packing for a holiday is hell!

Stylish mama

I need to be comfortable. My outfits cannot be complicated. What I mean by “not complicated”?

  1. I can get dressed in 5 minutes
  2. I don’t need to adjust my outfit every time I take a step
  3. I don’t need a second pair of hands to dress me back up each time I need to use the ladies room.

But I don’t think I need to completely sacrifice style for comfort. For me, it’s the small things that can make the biggest impact. A great accessory, an amazing pair of heels or a great colour or print.

The biggest change over time? The height of my heels.

I love my denim, so no surprise one of my favourite fashion trends is the denim boyfriend jeans. You can pull them off with absolutely anything and the shoe options are unlimited (very important!). Dressed up or down; Boots, heals, flats or runners, boyfriend jeans are always a hit and provide the comfort and ease I need. My latest obsession with denim is skinny jeans with stretch! For a shorty like me, these are great for showing off my pins.

Sarah from I Piccolini

I also love anything with an awesome print and the subtle surprise and delight of contrasting details. The mix ‘n match trend is also up there with my favourites.

I am pretty plain jane and invest little in myself these days when it comes to labels. But my top labels and boutiques have to be:

  1. Lee jeans – always the perfect fit. And they make in-between sizes!
  2. ASOS Petite range. Some of my best and most flattering pieces from dresses, skirts and plain tees are from ASOS these days from their home brand.
  3. San Jose The Label – new Australian fashion label which I love. Perfect for my girlie moods with relaxed styles so I can run around and look pretty at the same time. Plus, they have gorgeous prints. Tick and tick!
  4. Nine West – they make the most comfortable heals EVER!
  5. Le Specs for sunnies – can’t buy them quick enough
Sarah and Rita Ferraina I Piccolini

Sarah and Rita

I have definitely made some poor purchases in the past. Some costly ones too. The common thread between them all, I just want it so bad! I convince myself that it isn’t too tight, I’ll get “so much wear out of it” to justify the outrageous price or that those shoes will stretch to actually fit me. I have to HAVE THEM! I try to be a bit more realistic these days and allow some time for my slightly more ‘logical’ side of my brain to kick in.

If I could go back in time I would tell my 15-tear-old self to stay clear of the baggy jeans trend! No, really, I would say get to know your body and dress for it; dress for confidence.

These days, I take more joy in dressing up my boys instead of myself. The focus has completely shifted to them. I really take pride in dressing my kids well. There is a sense of joy and self-gratification when I see them looking adorable and smart. I try to instil in them the importance of taking pride in your own appearance, but ultimately being comfortable in their clothes and selves and having fun. Sometimes, those beautiful clothes are covered up in superhero costumes. And that’s ok too.

I Piccolini Leichhardt

Thanks to Sarah and Rita for having me in your gorgeous boutique for a lovely afternoon. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much with you girls!

Hair and makeup by Rita Ferraina. Words by Sarah Ferraina. Images by Sara Keli.

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