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Once upon a time, generations of mothers, our own mothers and grandmothers, would sit alone in the dark, still hours of the night, feeding and settling their new babies. Fast forward to our generation, and we are never alone. At all times of the day, company is just a Facebook post away and advice is available at the opening of an app or a simple Google search. Times have certainly changed!

In a recent survey of 4,000 Australian mums, Medela found that mums are increasingly turning to online methods in the form of apps, online communities and information resources to seek support and advice on their parenting journey. For 68% of these mums, the benefit of access to this information online is the 24/7 nature of it.

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I have certainly become a much bigger consumer of online information since becoming a mum. Apps have been a big part of this for me and there have been some that I have really relied on, particularly in the early stages of motherhood. The Wonder Weeks app was a really useful one, usually confirming my gut feeling that we were in a leap, along with valuable information for supporting Little Miss to get through to the other side. Other apps such as the Tiny Hearts First Aid app are also really handy to download with first aid information at your finger tips.

I do wish the new My Medela app had been available when Little Miss was a baby. It allows you to keep track of your feeding schedule in your personal MyMedela diary as well as tracking baby’s size, weight, sleeping patterns and nappy changes. And so helpful for many mums who doubt their progress when breastfeeding, the app includes a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and answers questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and Medela products.

In those early days of new motherhood, when you have no idea why your baby is crying or what that colour poo means when you are trying to look after yourself as well as a little person who is relying on you for everything, you need all the support you can get.

And then moving on, as your child reaches various milestones and phases, growing and changing, relying on you less for some things but more for others. In these times, just as much as in the early days, you need a strong community around you.

I love that I have my tribe, my family and friends who I see regularly and speak to, for advice and support. But I also love that I have a whole other tribe, my online tribe. All of my lovely readers who share so much information with each other and the mothers I connect with in smaller community groups on Facebook. All there for each other when they need a hug, a helping hand, someone to smile and tell them it will be ok and to laugh at the weird and wonderful situations our kids seem to magically create.

After all, the journey is different for each of us. Now matter how we choose to feed our babies or where they sleep or the clothes we dress them in, we are all just there to do our best. Like these gorgeous mums talk about in this beautiful clip.

What about you? What does your mummy tribe look like? What apps do you use to help you on the journey? What are your favourite places online to go for information and advice?


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