Party season is just around the corner. And when I say party season, I don’t mean the countless birthday parties your kids are invited to every year. I’m talking weddings, Christmas parties and more that happen as the weather starts to warm up. It is my favourite time of year – warm weather, catching up with friends and the giving and receiving of gifts – hooray! With a few tips you can ease some of the stress of party season and have a little more fun!

Rent a frock

When I was younger, a party was an excuse to buy a new dress. But so was any trip to the shops! Chances are these days, if you are anything like me, you don’t go out as much as you used to. And so a new dress just doesn’t get the wear it once did. That’s why I recommend renting a frock, particulalry if you are going to an ultra special occasion. At Glam Corner* you can hire designer dresses, with retail price tags of $400-600+ for around $100. They have more than 1,500 dresses ranging across size 6-20, offer express postage and easy returns. If you are pregnant with a special occasion coming up, buying a dress that you will most likely only wear once is also not super appealing. Baby Bump Cover offer maternity wardrobe hire and have a wide range of dresses and sizes available.

Learn to say no

As the invitations flow in and you look at your calendar filling up, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you need to say yes to every invitation. Saying no isn’t easy but don’t run yourself ragged! It’s likely you will have school events, work events and parties with friends over the season so prioritise what should come first. If you can’t RSVP to an event straight away, pop the event in your calendar with a reminder set for the RSVP date (or even a couple of days beforehand) so you don’t forget to let the host know if you can attend.

Look after your skin

Party season for your skin means more sun and more makeup. If you enjoy a drink (or two, or five) to celebrate then it also means hydration becomes an issue. So for the party season you really need to make sure you are applying your sunscreen, taking off your makeup, drinking lots of water and using a really good hydrating moisturiser. I personally love the range of beauty and skincare products at Nourished Life* which are all toxin-free and everything you will need for healthy, party skin!

Offer to take a plate

I love food, I’m not going to lie. Seeing a plate of canapés heading towards me at a cocktail party brings me much joy. Party sausage rolls, especially if they are homemade, are enough to get me to say yes to an event and don’t get me started on dessert buffets. Needless to say, party season for me means a really bad diet! If it is an event you can offer to take a plate to, make a healthy platter of food you love, whether it be fruit or maybe veggie sticks with some healthy dips. That way you will have an alternative if you are tempted by all the delicious treats on offer! It’s just being a good guest really!

Plan your babysitting

It’s great to be able to take the kids to things but some events just aren’t kid friendly. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to have a night off from the kids to just be adults, isn’t it? But if you have multiple events that you can’t take the kids to you will need to plan your babysitting carefully. If you don’t have family nearby, perhaps look at some babysitting swaps with friends. Can you take their kids while they go to a function and then they repay the favour to you? Otherwise, jump on a website like Juggle Street to find local babysitters in your area. This isn’t a service I have personally used so make sure you do all your own checks before hiring a babysitter. Local mums groups on Facebook are also really great for finding babysitters – you never know who has a teenager at home wanting to earn a little spending money!

Do you have any awesome mum tips for surviving party season?

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Image by Cara Loren Photography  | Styling by Honey Lane

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