I used to think I was a fairly easy going person. Not too much phased me and I kept a cool head much of the time. But that was in the days when sleep was a given and I wasn’t pulled in every which direction by the demands of motherhood. I am considering this post a form of therapy to ease my tensions and get all my mummy pet peeves out in the open before I end up a sad story aired on A Current Affair.

Witching hour telemarketer calls

Telemarketers are a general pet peeve of mine, but those that call during witching hour have a particular place in my heart. I don’t know if it is the rise of telephone scam callers, but I am always sceptical of telemarketers and their motives, particulalry if they won’t tell me what they are calling to talk about when I ask. But the icing on the cake is telemarketers who attempt to guilt you into supporting their cause while you have young children desperately calling out for your help/attention. I know it is a job they are being paid to do but perhaps some training in reading a customer and their situation would help!

Unsolicited advice

I have nothing against advice, but the last time I checked I know my child better than anyone. The whole raising them from birth, nurturing them and watching them grow kind of gives me a head start on anyone else! It starts from pregnancy and as far as I can see never stops. By all means, share your stories and lessons you have learnt but as far as what I do with what you tell me, that is completely up to me. Every child is different and responds differently to reward, punishment and the world around them. If your advice is more of an accusation or an instruction, best keep it to yourself.

Poorly timed kids meals at restaurants

When eating out with kids timing is everything. Bring the kids meals too early and you are left trying to entertain them while also eating your dinner. Bring them too late and things are bound to get messy. There is a sweet spot of approximately 5-10 minutes before adult meals arrive that all restaurants should be aware of. The older the child, the shorter this gap can be. And while I’m on the topic of eating out, kids aren’t allergic to vegetables. Despite the popular public myths, they can eat them so throwing a few green options on the menu wouldn’t hurt.

Judgy McJudgement Pants

Whether it is a sideways look while breastfeeding in public, a snarky comment while bottle feeding or a raised eyebrow while your kid is throwing the tantrum to end all tantrums, we’ve all felt shamed by the judgement of those around us. But I think where the shaming is at is worst is in our communities of mums. Online mothers groups are rife with bickering between mums who don’t agree with each others choices. But the beauty of the world we live in is that we don’t all have to share the same opinions and choices in life. In fact, the world is a better place because of our differences. I follow one rule when interacting online. That is, if my comment doesn’t add any positive or constructive value to the conversation then I don’t share it. Simple.

Sh!t kids do

We all love our kids. That’s not in question. But they all have things they do that drive us to madness. For example, tonight I had this conversation with my 2.5-year-old:

Miss 2.5: I want dinner.
Me: Ok, I will go and make it.
Miss 2.5: NO, I don’t want dinner
Me: Um, what do you want then?
Miss 2.5: Food.
Me: Ok, what food do you want?
Miss 2.5: Dinner.

Hold me while I rock back and forth in the corner. I swear, if I make it out of this parenting gig alive, I will never quite be the same again.

Now it’s your turn. Who or what does your award for biggest mummy pet peeve go to?

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