UK favourite clothing brand, Boden, has launched a magical Harry Potter collaboration… and mini Potter fans are going to lose their mind!

The collection

The Mini Boden 81 piece collection features bespoke prints, kid-favourite colour-change sequins, embroidery, applique and the most exquisite details.

Harry Potter collaboration clothing

The range includes tees, dresses, skirts, hoodies, shirts, jeans, leggings and accessories. 35 pieces in the range are available now with the remaining pieces in the collection arriving in October – just in time for Halloween and Christmas. Most of the pieces go to size 12, will a selection extending to size 16 so all the kids can enjoy the fun.

Harry Potter clothing collection

This isn’t your typical licensed clothing for kids… this is well-considered design that has perfectly blended the elements of style and wearability while capturing the essence of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Boden Dresses

The prices reflect the quality of the pieces. Tees, leggings and bretons start from $36, jumpers and jeans from $56, with the most expensive item in the range a $100 luxe velvet bomber jacket that I will be the first to buy if they make it in adult sizes!

A new generation of Harry Potter fans

I remember when my sister started reading the Harry Potter books. I was 18 and scoffed at her for reading a kids book… until one day when I picked up the book just to see what it was all about. I was hooked.

Now I have the joy of sharing the magic with my daughter and rediscovering it all over again for myself. We have read the first book and started the second. She loves the films – well, the first two anyway as I won’t let her watch any of the later films. She collects “Harry Potter wands” on the walk to school and is running down my eyeliner with the scars she always asks me to draw on her forehead.

The beauty of Harry Potter is that it transcends generations. It captures the imagination and draws you in so that you become part of the story. And while I am a big advocate for reading the book first, in this case watching the movie helped us to overcome the “but there are no pictures in the book” hurdle. (Although there are illustrated versions of the book if you are interested).

So wands at the ready, this range is going to fly off the shelves faster than you can say “Wingardium Leviosa”.

You can shop the Mini Boden x Harry Potter collaboration here.

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