Tracy is a full-time mum, teacher turned entrepreneur, and online community builder who leads a global hustlin’ tribe of over 50,000 bizmums to find their own tribe, get noticed and build a powerful brand online.

What was the biggest change you found within yourself when you became a mum?

The biggest change I found within myself when I became a mum was my ability to care less about the things that don’t ACTUALLY matter. Which led to my capability of leaning in and surrendering to the things that matter MOST.

What dreams do you have for your kids?

I want my boys to be able to trust their own intuition and celebrate their individuality. I want them to use their talents to bring themselves joy and benefit others.

What do you wish your kids knew about you as a woman?

Ooh. This is a good one! I want them to know how brave I am! We all talk a lot in this house, so I am sure I’ll share many stories with them.

When you notice negative self-talk creeping in, what do you do?

I have a “nice” folder. It’s a place where I keep all the lovely emails I’ve received. Whenever I notice negative self-talk creeping in, I love reading those and realising I am making an impact. I come back to my goals and my why. I also go spend time with quality people – my hubby, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs who “get it.” Essentially, I don’t look sideways! Sometimes comparison tries to creep in and derail me, but I don’t let it. You can never let it.

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If you could invite any 3 mothers, real or fictional, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be?

Madonna – she’s such hustler and feminist. She made her ideal life happen with great persistence and sheer hard work! She funded her own dreams and dared to celebrate her femininity in decades where women weren’t “allowed” to be outspoken or sexy. She’s been shamed countless times but that hasn’t stopped her from being authentic and also bringing awareness to social issues. I admire her bold ambition.

Kris Jenner – she’s such a machine! Seriously, mumager of the year will always go to Kris. She’s raised amazing children into kick-ass entrepreneurs, and I love her dedication to ensuring her family always thrives.

Pink – her laid-back, fun-loving style to raising her kids is amazing! Plus, she breastfeeds in public, and let’s her children decide WHO they want to be on their own terms. LOVE HER!

What are the words you live by?

Do small things with great love – Mother Teresa

Small steps every day! – Bizmum life is hard!!! Success in often in those tiny details.

How have you nurtured your friendships since you had kids?

Nurturing friendships after you have kids is hard! I had kids before most of my friends even considered the idea… so that meant we were walking a totally different path for a while. To be honest, I don’t see my friends as much as I used to, but we text and when we catch up, it’s the best!!! I think you lose friends and gain ones with any major life change. The friends that have stuck around through our child rearing years are lifers!!! My girly catch ups are never at night as I feed my little guy to sleep, and I like to be there if he wakes (which he does, many times). We go out for breakfasts or lunch, sans kids. We take the kids to the park and have coffee… I’ve traveled overseas with our kids and our best friends and their baby, too.

If you could change one thing about the world to make it a better place for your kids, what would that be?

I would want people to have more social graces. Life is about relationships, so being a nice human is all I’d ask for


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