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Bettina Management has been leading the talent and modelling world for kids for more than 25 years. Operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Bettina works with Australia’s biggest fashion and lifestyle brands across all industries, representing some of the cutest talent around!

Founded by model and dance teacher, Bettina Petrone, Bettina Management started as a school for modelling classes. “A lot of my dance school students would always be asking me things about modelling, like how to walk, how to put on make-up and generally just wanting advice. So I decided to run modelling classes as well, which grew and grew and turned into Bettina Modelling and Deportment School.”

“While I was working as a model, my clients found out about my modelling school and asked if any of my kids would be interested in doing some work. So it started by helping out some of my clients with their campaigns, and like anything else, it just grew so I decided to start the agency.”

What started as Bettina interviewing talent from her home office soon grew into an office with a few staff and now the agency operates out of four capital cities across Australia where they book talent for a whole range of jobs including catalogues and print, TV commercials, feature films, TV series and more.

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In the last 25 years the industry has changed dramatically. As Bettina explains, ‘We started out with printed comp cards for each child, which could take weeks to create (and become outdated quite quickly, as kids grow so fast!). When a client would request a child, we would have to pack the comp cards into the post and wait for the client to receive them and send them back before they could be sent to another client.

We now have a sophisticated online database for our talent and access to all the industry casting platforms, which means we can submit each child to multiple clients every day (and no more trips to the post office!). The whole process has become a lot smoother and opened up so many more opportunities, as jobs can now turn over a lot quicker.”

So what’s the process? When you apply to Bettina Management you will be scheduled for an interview. This allows you the opportunity to ask any questions as well as for the agent to assess how suited your child is to working in the industry. A child may take a gorgeous photo when mum or dad is behind the camera but freeze up altogether when it is a stranger.

When you sign your child with Bettina, the team will be representing them and putting them forward for work with clients. They will also be able to guide you and your child on how the industry works, tips for getting booked and access to the best in the industry!

If you are considering getting your little involved in modelling, it’s not just all glamour and strutting your stuff, modelling and working in the entertainment industry can have so many benefits for children. The confidence from seeing their images in print or on a screen; learning how to overcome nerves for castings or shoots; listening to and taking instructions from directors and photographers; building professional relationships and understanding how professional environments work. Not to mention, it can be a really fun industry to be involved in, and for kids this is probably the most important element!

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