In the past week a lot of media attention has focused on raising awareness about the large corporates running “image” workshops to educate their female staff on dressing for the workplace. According to a number of the reports we read, these workshops were downright sexist and inappropriate for a female audience in 2012.

So, what is appropriate for women to wear at work? While our answer may receive accusations of vagueness, Kid Magazine believes that it ultimately comes down to an individual feeling comfortable in their own style and making your wardrobe work for you. That isn’t to say there aren’t some do’s and don’ts of choosing corporate attire.

DO dress for the type of work you are doing and the work environment you are in. If anything, overdress on your first day in a new job and then gauge the dress code by what your colleagues are wearing. Most offices have casual Friday but jeans may not always be acceptable. In other workplaces, denim may be acceptable any day of the week.

DON’T fill your wardrobe with pieces that will need replacing each season. Your work selection, the same as the rest of your wardrobe, should be filled with classic items that will easily pair with the few latest season trends you add in each year. Use an app such as Stylebook to plan outfits and organise your wardrobe.

DO keep it simple. Dress up your day-to-day outfits with fabulous accessories, creating different looks with coloured shoes, bold beaded necklaces or a statement belt. Pick up a pair of shoe clips (or old clip on earrings) to dress work shoes up in an instant for evening glam.

DON’T wear anything too tight/short/impossible to move in. Have you ever seen women wearing shoes to work that they struggle to actually walk in? The key is comfort ladies! We aren’t saying wear your pyjamas to work, but make sure anything you wear isn’t going to have you heading home with blister covered feet or unable to eat lunch in case your skirt zipper bursts.

DO know your style and feel confident in what you are wearing. If I walk out the door for work and am not entirely comfortable and confident in what I am wearing, I know it is going to be a bad day. I am most comfortable in dresses and skirts but also have a few pairs of flattering trousers that I can pair with feminine shirts and tailored jackets. Your style links to your personal brand and is a part of who you are.

Do you have a tip you swear by when selecting your work wardrobe? We would love you to email us so we can share it with our readers.


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