If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is sleeping on ugly, scratchy sheets. While I’m not the best housewife out, I do like my bed to look nice. They say that your bedroom should be a sanctuary and given how much time you spend in your bed (not nearly as much time as you used to pre-kids I will bed) and the fact that your sleep time is for re-energising and recharging your batteries, it makes sense that the linen you sleep on is something you love and makes sleeping that much sweeter.

If you are looking for something a bit different to the norm, Etsy is always the place to go. I had a browse and found these nine luxurious bedding pieces for the sweetest of mummy dreams.


1. Dog tired pillowcase by TurdCircus  2. Gold circle pillowcase by AlisaJoyDesigns  3. Sprinkles on my sundae doona cover by AlisaJoyDesigns  4. 100% linen Queen fitted bed sheet by naturaltextile  5. 4 pc 100% Charmeuse bedding set by Feelsilk  6. Pure linen duvet cover and pillowcase by bluedaisywares  7. Linen sheet set by solinen  8. White tencel pillowcase set by LazySundayHome  9. Striped natural linen pillowcase by HouseOfBalticLinen

** I love Etsy, yes I do! And that is why I joined their affiliate program. The links in this post are affiliate links but you can be assured that I spent over an hour researching the best of the best and would never recommend anything that I wouldn’t buy for myself or my family. You might like to read this post I wrote in 2012 about why I love buying handmade.

Do you love your bedding or are you in desperate need of an upgrade?

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