Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am married with 2 children Lily (4) and Finn (2). I live in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but grew up in South Australia. I met my husband when I was 17, he was my high school sweetheart.

What were you doing before Cheeky Little Soles?

I had a few career changes prior to finding my feet with Cheeky Little Soles. I started my career studying to be a dancer. I then somehow ended up in recruitment prior to having children.

What inspired you to start your business?

My daughter was the inspiration behind Cheeky Little Soles. When Lily was 6 months old she kept taking off her socks which frustrated me, especially on colder days. In her early attempts to stand (she seems to have decided to do everything early), she was always slipping on our floorboards at home. I searched high and low only to find a gap in the market. Not one to sit back and stay frustrated, I set about designing my own range of soft soled leather footwear.

What has the proudest moment in your business been…so far?

I think the proudest moment is when I see babies out and about wearing Cheeky Little Soles. Every time I see them being worn I feel a warm glow and feel very proud.

Tell us about the current Cheeky Little Soles range?

The new additions to our range are fresh, classic and versatile. With consumers being cautious with spending we wanted to make sure our new designs were able to be mixed and matched with lots of different outfits.

What’s your best seller?

Our Baby Ballet Slippers are a huge favourite, but Scooter is one of our best sellers and also my sons favourite!

What are your top 3 fashion finds for your children at the moment?

For my daughter it is all about feeling pretty, so at the moment we are in love with MiniLife dresses, and pretty fabric tops from Oobi. We love Itch Design, their robot long sleeve t-shirt is my sons favourite, and we also have lots of Sudo.

What are your top 3 beauty finds for your children at the moment?

We love the hair products from Boof heads, as they use all natural ingredients and essential oils. Gaia Skin Naturals is also a brand I have used and loved since having children. The other brand we love is MooGoo, their milk wash and anti-aging cream (for adults) is to die for.

How do you juggle having a young family and a business?

You just do! I am one of those insanely super organized people and also have an amazing husband to support me and help me out. I am always working on my ‘things to do list’. I also have a yearly schedule which includes deadlines for designing, manufacturing, advertising, trade shows etc.

What advice would you give to other mothers starting a business?

“Work smarter not harder”, when running a business you are expected to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and it is very difficult to be good at everything. So in working smarter I have outsourced any tasks that I felt someone else could do better or more effectively or efficiently. And also sourced some amazing software tools that enable me to stay ontop of things.

What’s your biggest challenge as a mother?

Dinner time! Lets just say I am no Donna Hay in the kitchen and everyone in our family has different culinary tastes. My son is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs and nuts which proves to be a challenge in itself.

What do you and your family like to do together?

We love to go out for breakfast, which can be a little challenging with a toddler that can’t eat dairy, eggs or wheat. Then we love to burn off our breakfast at the park!

Compiled by Hannah.


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