We wanted to talk to the ladies behind the Cake 2 the Rescue brand, Lisa and Lou to see what makes them tick and how they have developed such a fun, vibrant and successful brand. They say opposites attract and maybe that is the case with these two business partners. One is a self-confessed foodie while the other admits that cooking is something she is still working on. Read on and you will discover that both are just as fun and vibrant as the business they run. Subscribe to Kid Magazine to see my review of one of the Cake Rescue Kits and have the chance to win your own.

What is your mantra/personal philosophy?

Lisa: Always look forward, never look back! Stay true to what you believe in & Go For It!!

Lou: Find out what you’re good at, what makes you happy and go about doing it to the best of your ability.

How would you describe your style?

Lisa: I am very laid back & casual, jeans, t-shirts & pumps, but I do also like to frock up & get all ritzy & attempt to balance in heels (often looking like a new born giraffe, all awkward & off balance) – I like to make sure that everyone around me is always comfortable and feels included.

Lou: When it comes to clothes, the higher the heels the better, I’m short so sore feet is a small price to pay!!!! I’m an interior designer so when it comes to my home, I believe a house should have enough design to hold it together but an overwhelming feeling of “come in, put your feet up and relax!”

What would we find in your handbag?

Lisa: Lots of pairs of Sunnies & hundreds of my business cards & my Aromatics perfume (never go anywhere without it).

Lou: I have 3 daughters, so a great big mess. I have one of those drop in organisers, it isn’t helping!!!

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Lisa: Anywhere that has Jeans, I am a fanatic!

Lou: Country Road, I just love their clever fusion between current trend and classic style and I’m addicted to their home wares!



Aside from cake, what else do you like to cook?

Lisa: Cooking is not my strong point as everyone will tell you, but I love to make a good pasta & I am working on everything else!!

Lou: Everything, I am the ultimate foodie. I don’t eat to live, I live to eat!!!!!!!!!!

How do you relax?

Lisa: I am a sports fanatic, so love watching sport, I play golf (when time allows) & I read a lot – love time with my son Calvin (that is the best time) & I am loving having my family closer after years of us all living on different continents.

Lou: I love walking on the beach with my family and the dogs, painting and catching up with friends.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Lisa: I travel a lot with my son Calvin, our favourite will always be going on safari in Africa and locally we love Sydney, it’s the city that always takes my breath away.

Lou: We head up to Noosa as a family every Christmas holidays it’s become like a pilgrimage. It’s a time when the kids know they will get all of my time. It’s so relaxing.

How were you inspired to start Cake 2 The Rescue?

Lisa: I have never baked a thing, any attempt has always been a disaster, we sat down & threw some ideas around, showed some close friends, they loved what we had done & so CAKE 2 THE RESCUE was rolled out, it’s been an awesome journey & I now even bake (miracles do happen).

Lou: I’ve always baked home-made birthday cakes for my 3 girls, but it became obvious that while everyone loves the idea of baking their child’s birthday cake, they are often hindered by time, skill, imagination, product availability or a mixture of all 4! Everyone deserves to feel the joy of having made their own child’s birthday cake and it is our mission to make that possible.


How do you balance your life as a business owner, woman, mother, and friend?

Lisa: I make time for each aspect, I am a mother first & the rest follows – my son Calvin is my “rock” – he keeps me grounded & focused, I love what I do so it makes easy to make time for Cake 2 The Rescue – I have owned my own business since I was 18 years old & my family have always been my biggest supporters.

Lou: Still learning that one. I work school hours and then when my kids go to bed, I start again. My husband is doing his MBA so he’s burning the candle at both ends at the moment too so we sit together working and share tea runs!!! Time is so precious, so I make the most of every moment with my family and friends and try to be in the moment and not bore them too much by constantly talking about my obsession with Cake 2 The Rescue.

Who is responsible for the cake tasting and testing? What role do each of you play in Cake 2 The Rescue?

Lisa: We spent a lot of time perfecting our Cake Mix, that was important to us, I love to test the icing & fondant!! I look after the Branding, Social Media, General Media & Marketing, I am always on the lookout for new Concepts, Designs &  Ideas- I also deal with everyone which I love, Our Customers are what make our business.

Lou: In the early days everyone stuck their hand up for cake testing. Now we have to reach further afield for cake testers, I’m designing all the time and there is only so much cake one family can handle!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m responsible for new cake designs, introducing new products and helping customers who are in a fix with tricky requests and “oops” moments. As well as the daily packing and posting orders. I’m also about to start our new Blog, full of tips on Baking and using our kits.

What role do your kids play in the business?

Lisa: I have a son, so it’s very much “That’s cool mum or Mum…that is dreadful” but he is super supportive & thinks it’s cool what I do (so Mum what exactly do you do again…).

Lou: Self-elected judges of cake designs and number one cheer squad!



What has been your biggest challenge in running your business?

Lisa: Cash Flow is always the biggest challenge for new & small business, what you make goes straight back into the business.

Lou: Time management, cash flow and long hours for little pay. It’s always tough to start a new business from scratch but passion in your product goes a long way to motivate.

And your proudest moment?

Lisa: Having Chanel 9 approach us to be on the TODAY SHOW in our 1st few months of business, we first thought it was a prank that a friend was playing on us, but it wasn’t  – it was awesome. Watching our social media Face Book page grow to almost 12 000 Likes & feeling like we know each and every customer personally. We are blessed.

Lou: When we first started the company we had to order a minimum of 2000 delivery boxes because they were a custom size. It looked like the biggest pile of boxes in the world and when they arrived I remember thinking, “Well this is it, no turning back, we better start selling a lot of kits!!!”. The day they ran out and we had to order another 2000 was my proudest day. I knew we were on our way!

What is next for Cake 2 The Rescue?

Lisa: To continue to get better at what we do, make sure our Customers remain our main focus & to continue to make our Rescue Kits fun for Everyone !

Lou: We are so excited for the future. We are always working on new designs for our cake kit range, but we are also about to launch our party rescue kits; containing coloured paper tableware and party decorations. We’re really proud of this range as like our cake kits, it has the designer look for a fraction of the price.lisa-lou-cake2therescue-image4


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