You know those days where you think if you have to do up another press stud on a onesie that you might just lose it? Or buttons, even worse! I once bought Olivia a onesie which had buttons so tight that it took me a good five minutes to even get them done up. But zippers are another story. They glide up and down making changing time that much easier. And that is the premise behind Li’l Zippers.

Lisa was a mum who was frustrated at not being able to quickly and easily change her baby, particularly for those middle of the night changes. So she created Li’l Zippers, a press-stud free range of cute attire for babies and toddlers. I particularly love the zipper on these growsuits. I wish I had these when Olivia was a newborn. It would have made the dream feed nappy change a whole lot simpler!

lil zippers review

Lisa sent us this gorgeous “Summer Days” growsuit for Olivia to try out. I got her to wear it a few times to test out the fit, fabric and features. As you can see, she looks pretty happy with herself. I had to put her in the cot to take the photos as now she is crawling around everywhere and won’t sit in the one place long enough to get a photo. The fabric is really soft and it is a really nice fit. Olivia normally wears a size 0 and this is a size 6-12 months. There is room for a bit of growth which is good also.

Lil zippers review

I absolutely adore the ruffle on the back. Some growsuits and onesies are quite plain but this just adds a nice detail. The zipper runs all the way down to where the ruffle starts (or Chin-to-Bum as Lisa calls it) so you aren’t struggling to get arms and legs out at changing time. I also love the knee-length style in the legs. It’s a great transition/spring piece and I also like it as a summer pyjama set for those slightly cooler nights.

lil zippers ruffles

Olivia was also able to easily move around in the growsuit. It was quite roomy and didn’t cut in under the arms or around the thighs as I have found with some rompers. Plenty of room for chubby baby thighs!

lil zippers review

Have you tried Li’l Zippers growsuits? What was your verdict?


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