I am not naturally a tidy person. I love it when my things are tidy, but generally the state of my house is a reflection of my mental state. When it is tidy, I’m under control. When it is messy, I’m stressed and completely out of control.

My friend Mim has been telling me about her love of Marie Kondo for ages. But, well, holding your belongings to see which ones spark joy sounded like the pinnacle of ridiculousness… And then I started watching Tidying Up on Netflix. I fell in love. (So much so that Mim and I have started a Facebook group for other mothers who are following the KonMari method!)

I watched as Marie Kondo walked into each home, free from any judgements on the residents and their clutter, and helped them to bring their home into a manageable state that they could enjoy. She bounces around rooms truly sparking joy as she goes. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it.

So, I was inspired to try and get my house under control and do a KonMari wardrobe makeover to start. I won’t go into her method too much here, but if you want to know more her book has everything you need to know.

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Tidying with KonMari

I think the reason the KonMari decluttering method appeals so much to me is because it is practical. It is about keeping what brings you joy and discarding the rest. It is free from judgement and it is sustainable, something that I haven’t been able to find in the past.

Since my KonMari wardrobe makeover I have also moved onto my eldest daughter’s clothing. She is absolutely loving her new wardrobe organisation because she can easily choose what she wants to wear each day and is very good at putting things back in her place. My next step is my youngest daughter’s wardrobe when I have a free weekend.

KonMari method closet makeover

My closet makeover started by taking every item of clothing I own and placing it on my bed. Through this process of my KonMari method closet makeover, I was able to get rid of seven garbage bags full of clothes, which were all donated to charity.

KonMari method closet makeover

KonMari tidying method

KonMari declutter

Placing all of your clothes in one place, in my case on my bed, is such a great visual tool to allow you to see exactly how much you have. It’s eye opening and a little bit embarrassing, especially when you realise how few of your clothes you actually wear.

In the past six years I have been pregnant twice, breastfed for more than 2.5 years and transitioned from a corporate HR job to starting my own business on maternity leave. My wardrobe reflected all of those different stages of my life. It is so refreshing to now know that everything in my wardrobe fits me and are clothes I actually wear. I know where everything is and I have so much more space.

KonMari clothes storage

I don’t have a massive wardrobe space, a combination of hanging space, drawers and shelves. In the hanging space I only have dresses plus one skirt that was too bulky to fold. I have room between my dresses so that I can see what I own and the space isn’t crowded.

My drawers are organised by item of clothing – one for singlets, one for t-shirts, one for jumpers, one for sleepwear and active wear and then one for pants/skirts.

KonMari t-shirt drawer

KonMari wardrobe drawers

KonMari method clothes

Finally, my shelves, which have always been problematic for me because I could never actually see what I owned. I had been holding on to the shoe boxes from my Frankie4 shoes (I knew they would come in handy one day!) so I have used those to organise my shelves. With KonMari clothes on shelves are organised into boxes to keep them tidy, so my shoe box stash works perfectly. Similar to my drawers, each box holds a different item – undies, bras, capes/kimonos, scarves and the overflow from my skirts drawer.

KonMari clothes on shelves

My shoes are all stored in clear shoe boxes. I know have an excess of shoes but I love them all so much. I have some stored on the very top shelf of my wardrobe (mainly the ones I wear less) and the remainder stored at the bottom of the wardrobe below the hanging space.

KonMari wardrobe shoe storage

KonMari closet before and after

I didn’t take photos of my wardrobe before I started by I did record the whole thing so you can watch my KonMari closet before and after below. It was truly a cathartic process to rid myself of baggage in the form of clothes that I have been holding on to for all the wrong reasons.

Whenever I do a load of washing I now stand at the kitchen bench and fold all of my clothes to be put away immediately. It’s actually a process I enjoy and I no longer have to worry about finding space for my clothes or being unable to open overstuffed drawers. Who would have thought you could spark joy folding your clothes?!

I really can’t wait to continue the KonMari decluttering method throughout the rest of my home. If you are on the KonMari journey with your family also, don’t miss our Marie Kondo for Mothers Facebook group. I look forward to seeing you there!

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My KonMari method closet makeover