On Friday July 6 TLC for kids will be holding their annual Tracky Dack Day which invites Australians to ‘dack up’ and wear a pair of trackies to school, work or at home to promote awareness for kids battling illnesses in hospital. The much maligned ‘Trackies’ have been given their own special day to shine – whether it’s the basic flannel tracky or bedazzled velour hotpants, you can put your most comfortable foot forward while helping sick kids in their journey to recovery. We have selected our top tracky dacks so the kids can do Tracky Dack Day in style.

Schools, workplaces, clubs and groups of friends are invited to hold their own Tracky Dack Day and if you can’t dack up make sure to wear a sticker to show your support. To find out more about how you can support Tracky Dack Day visit the TLC for Kids website.

Every day, kids in hospital face challenges of ill health, isolation and emotional stress. They are encouraged to change out of their PJ’s and wear trackies or casual clothes to help boost their state of mind. Tim Conolan CEO & Founder TLC for kids said “Tracky Dack Day is a fun initiative that brings awareness to kids in hospital that are in need of support and is also a great excuse to wear your trackies all day”.

Every year TLC for kids helps an average of 500,000 kids in hospital who fall through the gaps of the majority of healthcare support services. In some cases, the child or their family may have to wait up to 1 year to receive a wish, surprise or any form of support.


1. Boys & Girls ‘Bright as Day’ Sweat Top, $51.95 from Baby’s Got Style

2. Missie Munster ‘Cheek to Cheek’ Fleece Crew, $35.00 from Whimsy Child

3. Alphabet Soup ‘Lego Man’ Crew Jumper, $49.95 from Baby’s Got Style

4. Little Horn ‘Stash’ Trackpants, $44.95 from Baby’s Got Style

5. Furious Kingston ‘Captain Furious’ Fleece Hoody, $39.95 from Furious Kingston

6. Munster ‘Crash Landed’ Fleece Pants, $45.00 from Whimsy Child


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