Growing up in our household, one thing I could always guarantee was that Santa would bring me a new Christmas outfit each year. I loved dressing up in my new clothes and then getting on to the important task of playing with my new toys. Whether you are hosting Christmas this year or travelling to a relative or friends place, I’m sure you will want the kids to look their absolute best, at least for the beginning of the day. I have compiled a few outfits to make the choice of what to wear for the kids a little easier.Kids-christmas-fashion-2012_image

1. T-shirt: Oishi-m Toil Soil T-Shirt, RRP $39.95, available from; Shorts: Fred Bare Garmet Dye Roll Up Shorts, RRP $59.95, available from

2. Dress: Mishcka Aoki The 3rd Day of Summer, RRP $170, available from; Shoes: Walnut Girls Yellow Sandal, RRP $59, available from

3. Shirt: Fresh Baked Boys Red Check Shirt, RRP $45, available from; Shorts: Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Crimson Denim Short, RRP $69.95, available from

4. T-shirt: Fresh Baked Floral Chiffon Tee, RRP $34.95, available from; Skirt: Dagmar Daley Olivia Skirt, RRP $55, available from

5. Little Trendstar Spinning Beats Tee – Neon Pink, RRP $24.95, available from; Shorts: SoSooki Funky Monkey Grey Denim Shorts, RRP $49.95, available from

6. Top: Milky Sequin Anchor Frill Singlet, RRP $21.95, available from; Shorts: Fred Bare Mermaid Print Shorts, RRP $49.95, available from


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