I get sent so many amazing products to review and until now I have only been able to write about half of them. Staring today I will be writing regular “Kid Magazine Loves” post to bring you a handful of the products I have recently reviewed and loved. While the products are all gifted to me for the purpose of review, the words are my own and I only write about products I genuinely love using.

So onto my faves this week…

1. WIPOUCH Refillable Wet Wipes Pouch, $14.95, petitevienna.com.au

WIPOUCH review

While I am very aware that a wet wipes pouch is not an essential item in life, I think every mum should have one of these. I don’t know how a wet wipes pouch can make someone feel glamorous but somehow the WIPOUCH makes me feel instantly more glam! At $14.95 for a set of two I also think they are priced really well. They come in two sizes, a WIPOUCH60, which I keep in with nappies, and a WIPOUCH20 which I keep in my handbag for the inevitable spills and dirty hands while we are out and about. The only thing to watch is that I have found the pattern can scratch off a bit so be careful not to leave it loose in your handbag near keys etc.

2. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler, $34.95, www.tangle-teezer.com.au

Tangle Teezer review

I have never had more knots in my hair than since I became a mum. Maybe it is all the tossing and turning or being kicked in the head while I sleep or maybe just the lack of time to actually brush my hair? What I love about this little brush is that it fits neatly in my handbag so I can give my hair a quick brush to freshen up while I’m out. As it shares my handbag with leftover muesli bars, biscuit crumbs and whatever else Olivia decides to drop in there when I’m not looking, I love the snap on cover to protect it from said food particles. Tangle Teezer is also great to use on kids hair. Olivia has gorgeous curly hair which tends to get a bit out of control. But she actually lets me brush her hair with this brush and it gets through the knots really quickly and gently. Winner!

3. Boon Forb, $9.95 and Bud, $6.95, www.booninc.com

Boon Forb and Bud review

We are way beyond bottles in our house so I don’t actually have any need for bottle washing and drying accessories anymore but I still love using the Boon Forb and Bud. Forb is a silicone bottle brush so it is really gentle and easy to use on glassware, plates and even sippy cups. The silicone head is flexible and easy to get inside awkward spaces. Bud is a drying rack accessory that keeps your sponge or bush up off the counter/sink so they aren’t sitting in a pool of water or bacteria. Genius! If you have a Boon grass mat, the bonus is that Bud fits with it while Forb has it’s own stand. I love baby products that have a life beyond their original use and Boon are so good at creating products that do this.

4. You Can Do It, Bert!, www.geckopress.co.nz

You can do it Bert review

This is one of the hottest books in our house at the moment and it is a really cute story of Bert the bird and his preparation for a big challenge. The book follows a less is more story line and is a fabulous little story for encouraging kids to “take the plunge”.

5. Continental Gourmet Pasta & Rice range, RRP $2.59, www.continental.com.au

Continental Gourmet Pasta and Rice review

I received a parcel of the new Continental pasta and rice range last week and I have to say that it has been a lifesaver for me in the last week. I was sick, followed by hubby and now Olivia so it was such a relief to have something delicious and easy to prepare on hand. I made the Teriyaki & Garlic rice last Friday when a friend visited and to pad out the meal I added some grilled chicken and steamed beans and broccoli. It was so easy to prepare and had a lot more flavour than anything I would have been able to whip up from scratch that day!

If you have a product suitable for families and would like to know more about having it reviewed you can email me on hello@kidmagazine.com.au.


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