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This issue is all about “the best”. What started out as a plan to bring you the best best products evolved into something else altogether. “The best” will mean something different to everyone, but through this issue I hope you will start thinking about what “the best” means for you and your family and what is getting in the way of your best life and the unnecessary layers of expectation you may place on yourself to achieve perfection. Because perfection is a myth.

No tiger mums here! How to encourage your kids to do their best without added pressure & expectation

5 ways to earn cash on the side

Wardrobe edit – 6 online boutiques to shop for your mama wardrobe

Inside the world of brand repping. 8 of our favourite brand reps share the realities of rep life and tips from the pros 

Good enough IS enough. Why you should ditch perfection for a happier mum life

Olivia White shares her favourite mums to follow on Instagram 

The best baby shower gifts, natural alternatives, personal development books and more!

Tips for starting a biz, looking for a new job and getting your financial goals on track for 2018 

All this and so much more inside Issue 39! 

Annual digital subscription, $20/year