Inside Issue 37 you will find:

  • Do you love your body? I want you to love your body as much as your kids do and Kate shares why it is so vitally important
  • Applying for Paid Parental Leave? Lisa clears up the myths vs the facts to save you the tears and the worry!
  • Is there any harm in being on your phone while breastfeeding? Dr Kristy has some interesting insights to share on “brexting”
  • Preparing to have a baby? A midwife, obstetrician, doula and birth photographer all give their unique insight into the delivery room and how they can support you for an amazing birth experience
  • Looking for a new skincare product for baby? Our panel of real mums put 22 products to the test and share their honest feedback
  • Facing pregnancy and motherhood as a single mum? Three mums share their very different experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting solo
  • Plus more fabulous expert tips, delicious baby food recipes that the whole family can enjoy, resources, products and more!

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