Kate Sutton is the brains behind the uberbusiness. Leaving behind a successful career in television, Sutton launched Uberkate in 2005 and has never looked back. Her personalised made-to-order designs were born out of Sutton’s own desire to wear jewellery “that meant something”.

After the birth of her daughter in 2002, Sutton made her first set of Ubercircles stamped with daughter Lulu’s name, so that she was always carrying a reminder of her first-born wherever she went. “I made my first set of Ubercircles because I needed something to anchor me while I was away”, says Sutton.  Her striking creation did not go unnoticed. Friends and strangers alike admired and enquired after Sutton’s stunning creation ……….. and so marked the beginnings of an original business idea that would see Kate Sutton’s life take on a new direction!


The entire range of Uberkate jewellery is hand-crafted by Sutton herself. ‘None of my stuff is perfect, none of it is completely flat because I hand-make everything and to me that’s what gives it life”, enthuses Sutton. And her inspiring collection is all about life. The pieces are quite clearly the stunning products of a master silversmith, but more than that, Uberkate jewellery creates an emotional connection for the wearer because the names of their nearest and dearest are boldly embossed into the precious metals for all the world to see.

There is no doubt that Sutton derives inspiration from her family. Artistically though, her designs manifest from ‘shapes and from nature”, Sutton reveals. And the symbolism with which she designs all of the pieces in her range is simple, yet boldly effective. The recurring circular themes are indicative of the endless flow of love within a close-knit family and the never-ending bond that they share.


Juggling a busy, growing and often frantic business, Kate Sutton truly is one of the new breed of ‘mumpreneurs’. And with several of her close family members working alongside Sutton on the business side of things, she is able to skillfully balance her life as mother to two small children, Lulu and Cameron, and successful business owner. Sutton’s husband Adam, works full-time for Uberkate and spends much of his working day implementing retail and online strategies to help grow the business, whilst Sutton’s sister and father are also on hand to help expand the Uberkate empire!


Sutton is the first to admit that, with no formal business training, most of her knowledge about running a small enterprise was learned on the job.  And there are many success stories built on this same premise, that learning in the ‘doing’ is only way to go.  So what are Sutton’s top 5 secrets to success?

  1. Research the market, know who is going to buy your product
  2. Come to the realisation that your network and supply chain and how you sell is almost as important as the product itself.
  3. Have a door to your office that you can always close – a designated place, even if it is just a closet in your laundry!
  4. Don’t get too fixated on growing quickly.
  5. Get good at saying ‘no’!
  6. Perhaps, though the biggest ‘secret’ of all is to love what you do. “There is a level of addiction that I have not outrun yet”, confesses Sutton, whose unmistakable passion and energy is evident in every piece she creates, for every customer, for every family circle.


The Uberkate range is timeless. Pieces have been created by Sutton to ensure that in 20, 30 and 40 years time they are still appealing, still relevant and still cherished by the people wearing them. “They are family heirlooms and they will continue to mean something to the next person they get passed onto – that is how I have designed every piece” promises Sutton.

By Joanne Harris 


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