There is still a chill in the mornings but a quick glance at the garden will assure you that spring is most definitely on the way. Longer days and warmer nights are within reach.

And with the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to shake the dust and spring clean. I love a spring clean for two reasons. Firstly, it sets me up with a clean and organised house so I can spend less time cleaning over the warmer months. And secondly it is an opportunity to reset and reflect on the year, particularly as I clear out the kids wardrobes or school artwork.

This year I would like to invite you to join me for a free spring cleaning challenge. Over five days I will share with you simple and practical tips for a mum friendly spring clean. We will cover the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedrooms and living space and cover the key things you need to do in each space to clean, refresh and maintain saving you precious time.

For this challenge I have partnered with Murchison-Hume, a natural brand of cleaning products that are safe, practical and stylish. I love the Murchison-Hume ethos and use their products in my home so it was a natural alignment to bring them on board for this challenge.

Using plant-based ingredients, the Murchison-Hume range is free from dyes, petrochemical solvents, non-sustainable palm-oil derived ingredients, and the harsh chemicals often used in cleaning products such as ammonia, phosphates, bleach and caustics. You can visit the Murchison-Hume website for a very detailed overview of the ingredients. The products look great, smell amazing and, most importantly, they work.

I’m a busy mum just like you. I get it. You have a never ending to-do list and struggle to fit it all in. Let me help me you with one of those things on your list.

Kicking off on 4 September I will be sharing simple and practical spring cleaning tips with you. Get ready to enjoy more time with your family over the warmer months with a cleaner and more organised home. I hope you can join me! Enter your details below to save your place in the challenge.