I’ve been publishing Kid Magazine for over two years now. For someone who has no training, experience or background in media or publishing, twenty issues is a massive achievement. I started Kid Magazine as an experiment and fell in love! And the love I have for my business and what I have created has grown each and every day.

I have also become better at bringing it all together and not losing my mind in the process. Hubby has commented to me for the last couple of issues that I have been much calmer and relaxed. It has only taken me two years!

After the launch of the back to school issue, I went away with my mum for a week up the NSW mid-north coast. We didn’t do a lot, going to the beach, the park, late breakfasts and lunches by the water. It was bliss. The other blissful thing was that my internet connection was intermittent so I wasn’t working the whole time. I was forced to sit back and enjoy myself. It was so refreshing.

Kid Magazine behind the scenes

Kid Magazine behind the scenes

I was able to get along to a few events also. The premiere of the Barbie in Princess Power film was a hit with Olivia. I whipped up a quick organza cape for the event which looked super cute. I wasn’t sure whether she would make it to the end of the film but when I dropped my phone under the chair in front of us, we didn’t have a choice. The film was really fun with some great messaging for young girls (and boys) so when it is released on DVD in March, it is worth picking up a copy.

Kid Magazine and Barbie

We also went along to hear about the improvements Huggies have made to their nappies. they had previously made some changes that the people (us mums) weren’t very happy about so they changed them back and made them even better. I’ve been trialling them with Olivia and I’m pleased to say that we haven’t had any leaks or rashes since using them.

Kid Magazine and huggies

The most fun thing about this issue was the woodlands photo shoot with Elise Garner from Le Coco. Elise is such a talented photographer. She turned a few trees off to the side of a walking track in a park into a winter woodland scene. Our models were so beautiful but it is chaos trying to wrangle five kids. The spot where we shot was right next to a steep drop into a creek a few metres below. While the older kids were ok, I had to stand on the other side of the tree to make sure that Olivia didn’t launch herself down the hill. In this shot she is looking around the tree at me.

Kid Magazine photo shoot

Image by Elise Garner, www.lecoco.com.au

I’m now busily starting to prepare our April/May issue. It will be packed with goodies for Easter, school holiday ideas and more. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure you sign up so you get each issue straight to your inbox. It is completely free.

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