I want to take you behind the scenes of each issue of Kid Magazine and share a few snippets of what goes on to produce it. Aside from the sleepless nights and hours in front of the computer, it’s a lot of fun as well.

The picnic shoots (page 24) I did were on my front lawn and the first time I have styled a shoot and I was quite excited to see how it all came together. While I was shooting, hubby was playing with Olivia and I was able to snap a few shots of them playing together. This one is gorgeous!

Issue 17


Nigella (the cat) was also a fixture at the shoots. The front yard is her domain and she must know exactly what is going on at all times. She hit the jackpot when I left the Brie uncovered for her to sample. Here she is enjoying herself after her snack. Excuse the dirt, the front yard is a work in progress!

Magazine behind the scenes


And here is Nigella sneaking in again while she thinks I’m not looking to see if she can get to that Brie.


And the budding model again. Enough of the cat!


The weekend before the magazine went live, I thought it would be a great idea to drive to Canberra to visit my best friend. We had a really great time and that is where I shot the front cover with my gorgeous Olivia. We made a trip to the National Zoo and Aquarium which I blogged about last week. We also made a visit to the phenomenal Floriade. I went a few years ago but I had forgotten just how gorgeous it was.


I took so many lovely shots of Olivia for the front cover and it was hard choosing just one! Here are a few of my other favourites. We had a lot of fun trying to get the pictures. Now that she can crawl she just kept wanting to move around the couch. See page 22 for recreating the cover style in your home.issue-17-behind-the-scenes6

The trip to Canberra was great and lovely to catch up with my best friend but I was still hard at work. I was getting up at 6am each day to work for a couple of hours and then had to hit the desk as soon as we got home. It was worth it though!

So that is the magazine behind the scenes for Issue 17. I could show you a photo of the state of my desk but it is too shameful so I will wait until it is nice and clean!

Do you have a question about what goes on behind the scenes at Kid Magazine? Or a question about a particular article? Post it in the comments and I’ll get back to you.


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