A veteran of the kid’s interior space, Nicole Rosenberg of Little Liberty has cemented herself as a highly sought after leader in the industry. Her designs are unique, stretching the style parameters for parents who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar for their children’s bedrooms and nurseries. Nicole answered a few questions on life and the key interiors trends to be on the look out for in 2019.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a really busy Mum of three beautiful children and one extra lovely husband and two very cute dogs who also happens to run an Interior Decorating business in her spare time!! I love every bit of my day although my family and kids are my number one priority, so I work between the hours of 9 and 3 where I get to hear all the goss and important news from the day out of the kids! Whilst I’m anchored in the kid’s space, my expertise is regularly being applied to other living spaces where I work with clients to select soft furnishings and furniture, materials fixtures, fittings and floorplan layouts.

Why do you love designing kid’s rooms? How is this different from adult rooms?

I love designing kid’s rooms because basically anything goes! No rules apply! Parents are often happy to experiment and have fun with colours and design more so than they would in other areas of the house. I like to get creative as possibly in kid’s spaces and produce rooms that no one has ever seen before – I like to dream as big as my clients will allow …

What are the key trends to look out for 2019?

Playfulness with colour is a must this upcoming year. We are seeing the beautiful blend of traditional pastels and neutrals with dashes of luxe colours such as reds, flamingo orange, apricots and rich purples which help to introduce theatrics to a room. Mid-century and art deco architecture and furniture command royal treatment and its own definitive sense of chic.

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What are you expecting to be seen in children’s rooms/ nursery rooms in the next year?

Colour and texture will be abundant in 2019. I’ve always thought colour and design was an extension of one’s personality and I encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking bold shades.  Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and is an easy way to instantly change the mood of a room.

What colours are making a big come back?

Colour is back in 2019! Watch out for Pinks, Greens, Navy Blues, Apricots and Red which are the optimum way to add a personal flare to a room or bed. A bold colour or print is the best way to complement the perfect neutral wall colour or bedlinen. This can be as easy as adding a piece of wall art or a statement cushion.

For those who don’t have much design experience- (or have difficulty trying to find their ‘style’) – what do you recommend?

Pinterest is a powerful platform that helps you create a story/ and vision. It’s important to thoroughly plan and commit to every detail of the room so you’re confident that you will be able to achieve the end result. There is so much tech support available including the MagicPlan App which lets you place furniture into your room, whilst Instagram enables you to source and save inspiring images.

What is the best thing about your job?

My clients are the best part of the job. I’ve had amazing clients who can dream big with me and really trust the creative process. Building a business from the ground up is highly rewarding as it gives me the freedom to dream business with a dream team.

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