30 minutes after I had left cheerful smiling seven-week-old baby with my happy and confident hubby I received a phone call that went a little something like this:

Hubby: ‘The baby is screaming, what do I do????’

Me: ‘Have you given her the bottle?’

Hubby (increasingly panicked): ‘I can’t hear you the baby is screaming!!!!’

Hang up and repeat three more times… It turns out that despite trying bub on a bottle of expressed breast milk a few times she wasn’t such a fan of the bottle and dad just didn’t have what she was after. Even with our best efforts, the next few attempts at giving the bottle were just as unsuccessful. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to leave my baby because she only wanted to breastfeed.

So a few weeks later when I met Sam, mimijumi Mummy Blogger, and she told us all about the mimijumi baby bottles, a glimmer of hope appeared. Sam gave me a bottle to try out as well as a few gems of advice. It turns out we had been doing it all wrong!

Day 1 was a disaster and I ended up throwing out 80ml of beautiful breast milk. I don’t know who cried more that night, Little Miss at rejecting the bottle or me at the thought of all that work to express the wasted milk. Not one to give up we tried again on Day 2 but this time with only 20ml of milk. The second time around was also a disaster but with less wasted milk. Day 3 I hit the mimijumi website and realise I’m holding the bottle up the wrong way. Sorry bubba! After a day of bottle rest we start again on Day 4, bottle right way up, and we have success.

Other than the fact that my baby will actually take the mimijumi bottles there are lots of other features to love. mimijumi bottles were designed with the help of Mothers, Nurses, Doctors, Lactation Experts and Industrial Designers to replicate the breast as close as possible. They look like breasts and the teats are even designed to mimic the pores of the breast. The bottles are also toxin free so safe for baby to use without worrying about all those nasties. The design is functional and stylish and once you can get the travel cap on (this is a must read for how to do it) it really stays on so no messy spills in your handbag.

mimijumi baby bottles are available in two sizes – ‘Not So Hungry’ ($27.99) and ‘Very Hungry’ ($29.99) and can be purchased from Urban Baby*. Make sure you download the ‘Bottle Feeding Bible’ from the Mimijumi website. It has everything you need to know about bottle feeding your baby in one document and also covers feeding a fussy baby.

* indicates an affiliate link which means that at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on the link.

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