I love when I find a product that fills a need I didn’t even know I had. For a while now I have been expressing breastmilk, freezing it in breastmilk storage bags and then pouring it into bottles to feed my baby. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. The process was a little cumbersome but hey, that’s being a mum for you!

Then along came Kiinde. I fell in love. Kiinde is a total breast milk storage solution. The Kiinde Twist Pouches™ attach directly to your breast pump with Direct-Pump™ adaptors. The adaptors work with all major brands and the starter kit comes with two of each brand. The only hitch I had with the starter kit is that the Tommee Tippee adaptor doesn’t fit the Miomee breast pump. A small bump that I was able to get over. The bags can then be stored in the fridge or freezer. If you build up a stash, you can use the Keeper™ breastmilk storage bag holder to organise the bags.

Better still is that the Twist Pouches convert into a bottle with the Squeeze™ natural feeding bottle and Active-Latch™ nipple. It saves you having to pour the breastmilk from the bag into the bottle and even better is it saves on washing up.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Kiinde. I have tried a few different brands of breastmilk storage bags and thought the Kiinde Twist Pouches™ were the best of the bunch. With a volume of 150mL, they store just enough for a full feed for my baby. Other brand bags are usually bigger and I feel like it is such a waste when I am only using half the bag. The pouches also stand up well in the fridge and the twist top is really secure with no need for fiddly zip seals.

The conversion from pouch to bottle is also seamless. My daughter loved the bottles. She was able to hold onto the side of the natural feeding bottle and had a great latch onto the Active-Latch™ nipple. Every time we have used the Kiinde bottle she has sucked the bag dry. A sign of a happy baby!

The Kiinde system is great for home but absolutely perfect for travel or feeding baby while out and about. The Twist Pouches™ lay flat so you can easily carry them in an insulated lunch bag. The Active-Latch™ nipples also come in their own case so they stay sterile while out and about. If you are travelling and plan to express the Kiinde system minimises the bulk that you need to take with bottles. Just pack a few of the Twist Pouches™ and any other accessories you will need and you are on your way.

At $79.95 the Kiinde starter kit is an absolute steal. You can purchase Kiinde products at their website. We also have a starter kit to giveaway over on our win page.

In review: Kiinde Starter Kit


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