Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. Waking up in a puddle of milk however is not. Nor is two wet patches appearing on your t-shirt every time you hear a baby cry. The solution is to wear breast pads but as any breastfeeding mum will tell you, they are anything but sexy. Glamour Pads are the genius product set to change that.

When I first went maternity bra shopping during my pregnancy, I found it quite soul destroying. I nearly broke down into tears in the middle of the store looking at the boring selection of bras staring back at me.  It took me a few months to stumble across Hot Milk maternity bras and finally I had something that was supportive, practical and sexy at the same time.

Finding Glamour Pads completed the package. Instead of shoving large white pads down my bra. I was able to use these bra shaped and coloured pads that at least made my leaking boobs a little more glamorous! While I found that other brands of breast pads would slide around in my bra and pop out at the most embarrassing moments, Glamour Pads tended to stay put. If they did happen to slide around though, they are at least the same colour as your bra and have a little lace detail across the top so aren’t as noticeable as a regular breast pad.

Like stilettos at a garden wedding, often things that look good aren’t practical. Glamour Pads however do everything the other brands of breast pads do. They are really absorbent to soak up any leaks you spring throughout the day. They have an adhesive panel to stick to your bra so they don’t move around. They also come individually wrapped so you can pop a few extras in your nappy bag for when you are out and about and not have to worry about the hygiene factor.

Glamour Pads are Australian designed and owned. We love Aussie products! They are available from Priceline stores and online and also online at Nursing Angel. A pack of 40 Glamour Pads is $8.99. What I love even more is that one packet includes all three colours with 14 x black, 14 x white and 14 x nude in each box. You can find out more about the fabulous Glamour Pads at their website. I tried them and loved them!


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