Last month, Ford was kind enough to give me a Territory Titanium to test drive for a couple of weeks. Hubby’s eyes lit up when I told him. He is a car person while I was happy driving a 15 year old car around for years before I became a mum. He drives for enjoyment while I drive for necessity.

For someone who isn’t a car person, I absolutely loved the Ford Territory. We planned a trip to Canberra to visit my best friend and a few trips into the city to really give the Territory a good test drive. It was a dream to drive to Canberra. The boot space is phenomenal and we could easily fit the portacot, pram, suitcases and a million other totally unnecessary baby things we took “just in case”. Our regular smaller SVU just doesn’t have the same capacity and previous trips away have required the skill of a Tetris black belt to complete. The boot is also perfect for nappy changes at rest stops!

On the drive back from Canberra we had our timing way off and were faced with a super cranky baby. We took two shifts with me driving and hubby in the back with Olivia and then swapped. This was also the perfect opportunity to test out the built in DVD player. I love this feature for older kids and husbands, especially on long drives. The screen isn’t too small like others I have seen and it is really easy to operate.

When we were back in Sydney we tested out the city driving ability of the Territory. Despite being a big car, the Territory is a really smooth drive and was just as good with long distance driving to city traffic. The in-built GPS is super convenient and another feature that is easy to use. Fuel consumption was also great. We didn’t need to fill up with petrol (diesel) until we had traveled over 700km.

Olivia’s baptism was held during the time we had the car so we were able to take advantage of the large boot space for picking up tables and chairs. I actually don’t know how we would have done it all without it.

Whether you have a small family like us or a tribe of five, the Territory is surprisingly versatile for its size and a car the whole family will love. To find out more about the Ford Territory visit the Ford website.


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