Have you ever found yourself in a position where you needed to implement First Aid skills to save the live of someone you care about? Or for one of your children? While we all hope that we will never find ourselves in the position of needing to perform CPR or deal with a choking child, having the knowledge required for that situation is something that will help you sleep at night.

Recently my husband and I along with both our parents had the privilege of hosting Sue from First Aid For You in our home to run a First Aid For Families course. It was without a doubt one of the most worthwhile ways I can think of to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The first thing that became clear was that we all had differing knowledge from attending various First Aid courses or parent seminars over the years. The problem was that most of that information was now out of date having been many years and many updates to standards and guidelines.


The second thing was that while our parents had spent many years worrying about our wellbeing and protecting us, my husband and I had never been in the position where we needed to worry about a baby’s wellbeing and as Sue talked through the various topics of the afternoon most were eye opening and a big learning curve for us.

Having our parents at the course with us was a lovely family bonding event with both our mums sharing stories from our childhood, like the time my husband put super glue in his mouth thinking it was toothpaste. We were all able to share knowledge and experience to ensure that our little girl is in the safest hands possible.


Covering child and baby resuscitation, choking, allergies, bleeding, burns, bites and stings, fever and broken burns, Sue was relaxed and made us feel comfortable to ask questions. As a mum herself she was able to relay real experiences she has had with her little one and pose questions to us around if we found ourselves in a particular situation with our daughter what we would do.

The session only went for two hours and we took away so much out of the experience. I now feel confident that I would be able to help my daughter or another child if the worst were to happen. The cost of a First Aid For Families course is $65 per person with a minimum group of 6 people. It is money well spent in my opinion. Get some friends or family together and the $65 you each spend may one day save a life.

Now it is my turn to brag. Olivia went to sleep just as Sue was arriving and woke up just as the course was finishing in time for a cuddle with all her grandparents. What a good girl!



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