In the home fragrance market there are few products that are as sleek looking as they are effective but the Aromax from Air Aroma certainly fits the bill. Forget plug-ins and spray misters, Aromax is an aromatherapy diffuser that will have your home smelling and looking amazing. Imagine coming home to a bedroom smelling like Cherry Blossoms, or a Dining room of Cinnamon Apples, even a nursery of Lavender.

We were fortunate enough to be able to test the Aromax Purple and a handful of oils – Bergamot Burst, Tranquillity and Twinkle Star. I setup the Aromax in our lounge room that morning and was surprised at how quickly the fragrance filled the room. I didn’t think hubby would notice the new addition to the room or the scent but it was the first thing he noticed when he got home. Brownie points to him that day.

What I love about the Aromax is that it uses essential oils and it is safe for my family with no nasty chemicals floating around the air. With a new baby in the house this was my biggest concern. The Air Aroma website has a large range of essential and aroma oils all suitable for different purposes in the home. I’m thinking of getting some ‘Breathe Easy’ for those winter colds we are sure to pick up and some ‘Bye Fly’ to deter those pesky bugs on the hot days we leave the back door open. The great thing about the Aromax is that as long as you have a power outlet you can use it so it is portable around the home. At the moment it is in my study (my sanctuary from the chaos of the house) with the soft tones of the Tranquility oil filling the room. Absolute bliss!

I was a bit concerned about the safety of the Aromax for our pets as initially our cat didn’t seem to like the new scent. When I found out that Aromax work with a number of veterinary clinics to assist with odour removal and creating an environment that is calming for both animals and staff I felt a bit better. Within a day or two our cat had settled and it turns out she was just being a fussy cat not liking anything new. Phew!

With an RRP of $300, the Aromax is available in six beautiful colours. The hardest decision is which to choose. Aromax and the Air Aroma range of oils can be purchased at the Air Aroma online store.


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