I am a shoe addict. I tried to hide it for years. Well kind of. Actually, not at all. I delight in the gloriousness of my wardrobe as I open the mirrored doors to see all my shoes lined up in rows waiting for me to step into them and be transformed like in some kind of Cinderella fantasy. But still, despite my collection of flats, heels and sneakers, there is a small hole that only the most amazingly remarkable pair of shoes can fill.Shoes of Prey is the answer to the illusive perfect shoe.

Shoes of Prey and its unique design functionality provide every budding shoe designer the opportunity to select from 4 trillion combinations (no seriously, 4 trillion) of the most divine raw materials in an array of candy-store colours for hours of shoe-designing bliss. Starting from a base of one of the 16 starting designs you select colour, heel height (flats and heels 1.5 – 4.5 inches), material and embellishments to make a shoe that truly represents your unique personality. Within 4-5 weeks your fabulous shoes will be hand-made by one of the Shoes of Prey technicians and shipped to you boxed carefully in a soft dust bag. The only trouble will be your itching feet as you eagerly await your new precious ones while they are being tenderly crafted!

Since the launch of the site, women have designed tens of millions shoes with Shoes of Prey spending more than 20 million minutes creating their dream shoes. That’s the equivalent of one person spending more than 40 years (24 hours a day) designing shoes!

The service is bespoke, meaning it is as much about fit as it is about fashion. Size options range from 2.5 through to 15. One foot bigger than the other? No problems with Shoes of Prey who can make one shoe bigger than the other, adjust widths and much more. And if the shoe doesn’t fit? We’re glad you asked. Just return them for a 100% refund.

“It’s the opportunity to have the shoes you’ve always dreamt of in a few clicks.” says Jodie Fox, ex-lawyer and co-founder of Shoes of Prey. “And, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to respond to a compliment on your shoes with – thank you – I designed them!”

Prices range from $195 – $350.

Check out pics of some of the fabulous Shoes of Prey designs below.



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