Do you want to start next year feeling more organised, more productive and a whole lot calmer? Mim Jenkinson found her life changed in so many ways when she started using a paper planner and now she teaches others how to integrate this old school planning method into their lives.

I’ve always loved planning, particularly list-making. Same? Creating a To Do list of everything I needed to get done has kept me organised at school, college and work throughout my whole life.

I love the satisfaction of checking everything off as I complete my tasks and I’m motivated to do more to recreate that feeling time and time over.

When I was expecting my first baby, I used a planner to journal my symptoms, plan my appointments and make lists of all of the things we needed to do and buy before the baby arrived.

I continued planning to organise my new family – I’d really misjudged the leap from only having to keep myself organised to keeping the whole family on track!

I also use my planner to stay focused, organised and hitting goals at work.

My planner keeps almost every aspect of my life in check and as the saying goes, “if it isn’t written down, it isn’t happening”.

I’m not sure whether it’s having kids, being a lot busier or just getting older, but I just can’t retain information the same way as when I was younger. A paper planner is now an essential part of my life.

Taking 15 minutes out of my week to plan for the week ahead, decorating my planner, ticking off lists – well, it’s the ultimate therapy for me too. In fact, I would go as far as to say that using my planner is part of my ‘me time’ and self-care for the week.

It’s doubly beneficial because I love taking the time to plan and using my planner creates even more time for me to do other things!

But which planner IS the right one for you?

Planning has become quite trendy recently – with more and more people choosing paper planners over digital ones. And there is so much choice out there now when it comes to choosing the right planner for you.

It can be a bit overwhelming to know how to start planning and which one to choose.

I can help you! And I want to share my passion for planning with you and how it’s changed my life in so many positive ways.

I’ve designed a course with ten short modules on how to use a planner and I know you’ll find them super informative and helpful too.

In the full course, you will learn:

• Why I use a paper planner to stay organised

• Which one is right for you

• When and how to use your planner for ultimate success

• All of the different ways you can use your planner to organise your life

• How to develop your own planning ‘style’

• Planner must haves and accessories

• How to organise (and even decorate!) your planner

I’m confident that you’ll find a passion for planning too – and you’ll also start to feel a lot less overwhelmed and a lot more organised!

Are you ready to join me in finding your planning style? You can get the first class in the course for FREE! Sign up here and get started immediately.

Happy Planning!

About Mim

Mim Jenkinson is  a mother of two who believes that being a good enough mum doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. She shares simple solutions to help busy mums get stuff done and have more time to spend with their families, growing their businesses and on themselves.

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