My battery was at five percent and my phone would not charge no matter how many times I tried plugging that little cable thingy in. I had hundreds, if not thousands, of photos stored on that phone and panic set in that I would lose them all forever. What was I thinking not backing them up?

Thankfully my story had a happy ending and a trip to the repair shop got me back on track. But if you lose your phone, or it is corrupted beyond repair, you face losing so much more than the money you will need to fork out to buy a new one. Having a good storage and organisation system for your digital photos can go a long way to keeping your memories safe for the future.


For the love of memories, do not store your photos on your phone without a backup! If you lose your phone or the data is corrupted, you could lose all of those precious memories. If you take nothing else from this post, make sure you back up your photos. Don’t leave it to chance.

Cloud storage

Using the cloud to store your digital photos is a hands down winner when it comes to convenience. Whether you use iCloud or a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, having your photos stored on the cloud means that you can access them anywhere. The benefit is that you can also upload directly from your phone. I make this a weekly process so that it isn’t too big a job to tackle. I have the cloud set up on my phone, iPad and desktop computer so I can add files that are emailed to me or that I need to download from my digital camera.


The cloud is amazing but always make sure you have a backup somewhere. A portable USB hard drive is a good option. I do a backup at the end of each month.


For organising my digital photos I use a system similar to what you would have done in days gone by with physical photo albums. If you are uploading your photos weekly, it is quite simple to follow the process. Monthly backups are also straightforward as you can simply copy the folder for that month from the cloud across to your backup device.

  1. I create a new folder for each month including the year (e.g. May 2017)
  2. If the photos are from an event or outing I will create a sub-folder with the name of the event/outing (e.g. Trip to the zoo May 2017) and upload the photos directly there. If the photos are general day-to-day snaps I upload them to the main folder for that month.
  3. As I am uploading, I delete any unwanted or duplicate files to eliminate some of the clutter


Chances are you have thousands of family photos sitting on your devices and other than the odd share to Facebook or Instagram, you aren’t actually doing anything with them.

Photo books

The benefit of digital photos is that you can easily create gorgeous photo albums or books. If you have organised your photos well this will be a simple task. I will be creating a family photo book each year and printing three copies – one for myself and one for each of my daughters to keep as a memory book of their childhood. You can select the best photos of the bunch and add memories or even photos of your kids drawings over the years. I use Photo Books Australia* for making our photo books.


An app like Tiny Beans helps you store, organise and share your photos. Setup like a calendar, you can add photos to each day and then share access with your family and friends. You also have the ability to print photo books from the app. Alternatively, you can share your Dropbox or Google Drive folders with whoever you like to keep things more streamlined.


Get those gorgeous family snaps up on the walls! If you don’t want to leave the house, there are so many online stores where you can get your images printed. If you want a standard print try Snapfish. For uber cool collage posters, PosterCandy* is your go to. And for fun fridge magnets and other Instagram inspired prints head to Origrami. If you are after something a bit more fun like metal prints or even personalised notebooks check out the range at Photo Books Australia*.

* indicates an affiliate link which means that if you make a purchase after clicking the link I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I have or would buy for my family.

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