When I go out by myself and on the weekends when hubby is around to carry things, I like to take a smaller bag with me when I go out and about. During the week I carry a big nappy bag with all those fun essentials you need when you go out with kids. So when I can get away with a smaller bag, that is always my preference.

There is a trick to packing a small bag or clutch and that is keeping things compact. Here’s how I do it.

small nappy bag contents

This is my absolute favourite mini bag – the Il Tutto Pixie Mini. I had been eyeing them off since they were launched last year and picked one up a few months ago. We have been inseparable ever since. The key to picking a good compact bag is compartments and how wide the bag opens. The zipper on this one extends past the end of the bag so you can open it up wide enough to get it open wide. It also has 3 compartments in the main section plus a smaller zipper section at the back.

You can’t fit your whole wallet into a compact bag like this so I use a smaller one. Even though the Pixie bag has space for cards I still like to keep all my cards in a little purse. This is one I picked up in Japan many years ago. Just make sure that whatever you use is fairly flat so it doesn’t bulk out the bag.

I keep my keys in the back zipper section of the bag so they are out of the way and secure. I use the Orbit Key (gifted) to keep all my keys neat and tidy. It also helps stop keys getting snagged on other things in your bag. It is such a great little tool! Hubby bought me the cover for my car key which I just love. It has no purpose other than aesthetics but I always say that you can never have too much pink in your life.

If I’m out on the weekend I just carry a lipstick with me to touch up as I don’t usually need any other makeup while I’m out and about. I keep a small packet of tissues in my bag and also a small packet of wipes. I love my WIPOUCH20 wipes case but it is too big for this particular bag. If you have a slightly bigger bag, this is perfect!

I also carry some business cards because you never know who you are going to meet.

Here is the bag side on when packed

bag side view

And inside the back zipper section where I keep my keys.

compact bag back zipper

And finally, the main compartment of the bag. Tissues and wipes are at the front for easiest access, lipstick and purse in the back and my business cards tucked into the card slot at the back of the bag.

inside mum bag

Do you carry a smaller bag with you on the weekend? What do you put in it?


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