Making your own wrapping paper is not only cost effective but it is also a fabulous way to spend a fun afternoon with your kids. Plus the joy on your kids faces as they hand out the gifts at Christmas wrapped in their beautiful creations. Here’s a few tips and tricks for how to make you own wrapping paper.

The tools of the trade

White butchers paper (or you could use brown kraft paper depending on your preference)
Craft paint
Paint brushes and other paininting ‘implements’ (see below)
Cup or bowl of water for cleaning brushes
Paper towel (to dry brushes once they have been cleaned)
Baby wipes (these work wonders on removing paint from skin
A bit of creativity and a whole lot of patience
Pegs and a clothesline to dry your creations

How to make your own wrapping paper using Lego

Let the creativity flow

Ok so if you are painting with a toddler, there is a good chance that any creative ideas you have will turn into a hot mess of paint splodges, smudges and maybe even tears but if you go into with an open mind, and hand over creative control to the little people, then you are likely to have a much better outcome.

But what you can do is give them the tools and plant some seeds! Here are a few little ideas:

  • If you are the type to have themed Christmas paper or like a simple colour palette, then just stick with a limited number of colours, say 5-6 and use those colours only for creating the paper. Just make sure the kids don’t see any of the other colour paints!
  • Paint brushes aren’t the only things you can use to make your paper. We had fun dipping Lego pieces into the paint and then creating fun dotty designs on the paper. Cotton balls and make up sponges are also great for adding different effects and there is nothing wrong with good old finger painting!
  • Hand and foot prints are perfect for wrapping paper. What grandparent wouldn’t love to open a gift wrapped in the tiny prints of their grandchildren?
  • Create an old school butterfly painting by squirting the paint onto one half of the paper, fold it over and press all across the surface. When you open it up you will have a gorgeous design. Get the kids to help with deciding where the paint splodges will go and rubbing the surface of the paper.


Wrapping tips

  • Don’t wrap presents in the traditional way of meeting the paper in the middle and then folding up the two ends. Instead, place the gift on the diagonal and roll the paper around the gift. It is much easier to wrap and looks a lot nicer too!
  • When cutting your homemade wrapping paper, place the gifts down first to ensure you are cutting to the right size. Cut the paper with the painted side facing you so you don’t cut off any “good bits”.
  • Make little gift tags using a photo of your kids or even old Christmas cards to add to the gifts. This is another beautiful personal touch.
  • Your homemade wrapping paper probably doesn’t need any extra touches but adding ribbons and bows always finish off a gift.
  • For smaller gifts you can also use paintings and drawings the kids have made throughout the year at daycare or school. You can’t keep everything so why not gift them on to family and friends.
  • Finally, don’t leave your wrapping until the last minute! Get started early so you don’t have a big rush just before Christmas Day.

Have you ever made your own wrapping paper? What personal touches will you be adding to your gifts this Christmas?


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