The end of Winter is fast approaching (although not fast enough for my liking) and the end of season sales are everywhere with some great bargains to be found. Beware the traps you can fall into by purchasing items you don’t really need just because they are on sale. Follow our tips for making the most of the sales and your credit card will thank you.

1. If you want to stock up on some sale items for the kids for next Winter think classic cuts and basic items such as plain tops, tights, trench coats and denim. Avoid impulse purchases for anything that is a seasonal trend as it is likely next Winter it won’t be in fashion and the kids won’t wear it. Think ahead to what size the kids will be next Winter and you will have a great start to their Winter wardrobe when you can add on trend pieces to keep with the fashion.

2. If you are on an online shopper, set yourself a time limit for your sales shopping and stick to it. The number of online kids boutiques is constantly growing and you could spend hours moving from online store to online store. Once you set your time limit, start with your favourite boutiques first and gradually move through your list. I have a separate email account for newsletter subscriptions for my favourite stores so that I can check it regularly without it cluttering my regular mailbox.

3. If you have friends living in other parts of the World, now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the kids. Winter clothes, hats and scarves you can easily send via post. Look out for Australian labels to showcase our amazing designers!

4. If you have a Winter holiday planned over Christmas you can also use the current sales to plan the kids wardrobe for while you will be away, particularly if they are younger and moving quickly through different sizes. Heavier coats and thick denim are good choices for colder temps.

5. Finally, think about what the kids need to get them through the remainder of the cooler months and any special occasions you have coming up. Light jackets are sometimes needed on a Summer evening and jeans are trans-seasonal. If your children have a wedding or party to go to you can probably make a huge saving on a special outfit for them.

How do you tackle the end of season sales to get the most out of them? We would love to hear your tips!


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