Despite having unrivalled views over arguably one of the best cities in the world, all I remember from my visit to the revolving restaurant at Centrepoint Tower as a kid was getting lost coming back from the toilet. Views, what views? I couldn’t get over the fact that the restaurant actually moved. Mind blown. Fast forward 20 years and in the same spot my mind was blown again but this time by the spectacular views over beautiful Sydney town from Sydney Tower Eye.

I took a trip into the city with Olivia, my sister-in-law Julie and my niece and nephew, Elise and Mitchell. Sydney Tower Eye had kindly offered us tickets to have a look around and get involved in the rainbow loom school holiday activity on offer. I wasn’t quite prepared for how amazing the views from the Observation Deck would be. The kids absolutely loved walking around and spotting different things in the city and I slept well that night after a long and exhausting day.

Here are my recommendations for an awesome trip to the Sydney Tower Eye.

1. Make sure to check the “cheap parking” section on the Sydney Tower Eye website. Parking in Sydney can cost you an arm and a leg so you will save quite a bit of money by taking advantage of the cheap parking offer. There is a little bit of a walk from the parking stations included in the offer but it is worth it for the savings.

2. There is a small cafe at Sydney Tower Eye but while you are in Westfield Sydney make a detour via the brilliant food court on level 5. If you are visiting on a weekday avoid the lunchtime rush and have an early (or late) lunch.

3. Whether you drive in or catch public transport, point out landmarks to the kids on your walk to Westfield and then see if they can spot them from up high. This also works in the reverse for your walk back.

4. Don’t forget your camera! I got some beautiful shots of the kids, well except for Olivia who fell asleep promptly after we arrived on the Observation Deck. There is so much to see that you can capture fabulous natural shots of them exploring and discovering. The view makes an ideal backdrop.

5. The lifts up to the Observation Deck will make your ears pop so prep the kids in advance. The trip is really quick but we hadn’t thought to tell the kids to be ready for it. Pack something to chew on or whatever trick works for you.

6. Sydney Tower Eye is pram friendly however I recommend if you have a small stroller to take that instead of a large pram. I took Olivia along in our Bugaboo Buffalo and there wasn’t any real issues but there is limited space so I was having to move the pram quite often so people could get past.

Have you visited Sydney Tower Eye? What tips would you share?


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