A review of the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course.

It was serendiptious that I was offered the chance to review the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography Course just a few months after buying my first DSLR at the beginning of last year. I was used to point and shoot cameras and I was clueless as to how to use this fancy pants camera! The camera didn’t instantly make my photos amazing because I didn’t know how to use it and I didn’t understand the elements that make a good photo.

Back in the day of film I was quite notorious for taking A LOT of photos. I once went on a three week school trip loaded with eight rolls of film and came back with over thirty rolls ready to be developed. When I got my first digital camera in 2003 it cost me about $900 for a 3 megapixel Sony Cybershot (frighteningly it cost a lot more than my current DSLR!). I can’t believe how much I paid but looking back it was probably the start of a love of taking beautiful images that would develop ten years later.

I can honestly say that after completing the Click Love Grow course that my photography has improved. I am more aware of the composition of my photos, the lighting and the settings to use on my camera. I still have a way to go but the beauty of the course is that you have lifetime access to the materials so you can go back over them if you need a brush up.

So what did I love about the course?

  • Each week there is a video and workbook with a challenge for you to complete on the topic of the week. It is laid out simply and you can do the course at your own leisure. The videos are between 15-40 minutes in length so don’t take too much time each week to complete. I watched the videos either at night or while Olivia was asleep during the day.
  • You have access to a private Facebook group for support, expert critique and inspiration. I was seriously blown away by the talent by some of the people in the course and it drove me to try and improve my skills.
  • It is targeted specifically for mums so has some really amazing tips on how to photograph kids (like how to capture their attention) that you don’t always find in other photography resources.
  • Not only had my DSLR photography improved but so has my iPhone photography. If I look back through my instagram feed over the last six months, I am really please with the improvement. I’m now more confident shooting from different angles and I’m so much more conscious of lighting for getting the right shot.
  • The course covers composition, light, aperture, shutter speed, portraits, landscapes and editing, all broken down into weekly modules with a revision week in the middle. As I mentioned above you have lifetime access to the materials so can jump back in at any point you need help.

The next round of the Click Love Grow Enthusiast Photography course kicks off on 28 April 2015 and costs $197. You can read more about it and sign up at the Click Love Grow website.

Aside from doing the course, I also have a few photography tips for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

  1. Follow people on instagram who have a photography style that you aspire to. Study their photos and try and try to incorporate elements that you like into your own photos. I’m not suggesting you copy them but rather be inspired by things like backdrops, lighting, colours etc.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. The beauty of digital is that it doesn’t cost you anything to take lots of photos. If you have a spare five minutes take photos and work out what you do and don’t like about them.
  3. You don’t need a DSLR to get started (it isn’t an absolute requirement in the course and they have info on how to choose the right camera in week 1). It obviously helps to have a great camera but you can get started with your iPhone or regular point and shoot digital camera. As with anything, just start!

You can see some of the photos I am most proud of taking below.



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