After building the successful business Lose Baby Weight Rhian Allen has now developed a new product range, The Healthy Mummy, designed to help mums get fit post pregnancy. The range of smoothies, fish oils and portion-controlled dark chocolate snacks were created in conjunction with leading nutritionists and the Monash University in Melbourne. The products have been designed specifically for mothers (not pregnant women) and recognise their unique challenges and requirements when it comes to staying healthy.

The smoothies, available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, are lower in sugar and higher in fibre than any other shake or smoothie based product on the market. The smoothies help support milk supply for breastfeeding mothers as well as weight management whilst still maintaining energy levels. The entire range is dairy and gluten free containing ingredients such as Fenugreek, Flaxseeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Apple Pectin.

In addition to the product range, at The Healthy Mummy website you will find a vast collection of free recipes, tips and advice. From pregnancy to nutrition to breastfeeding and weight loss you will find information to help you and your families live a healthy life. For further advice on weight loss for Mum’s you can also head over to Rhian’s Lose Baby Weight site and look into the other articles and products available there.

Given the many images of the post-baby celebrity body completely transformed within weeks or months of giving birth we applaud The Healthy Mummy for their stance on embarking on a weight loss/healthy life journey post baby. Thy “don’t advise any mum to even start thinking about losing weight until they feel 100% emotionally and physically ready to do so”.

You can purchase The Healthy Mummy range on their website. Smoothies are priced at $42 per tub – just $2.69 per serve.

Have you tried The Healthy Mummy products? Email us and tell us what you think.



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