If improving your health and fitness is on the agenda for the year ahead, Sam Wood shares his tips for sustainable and achievable goal setting.

If you are one of these people that has found that New Years Resolution or Goal Setting hasn’t worked terribly well in the past, I’m going to throw you a curve ball.

The reason so many resolutions don’t work is we are too focused on unrealistic results and the time frame is simply too long.

So, if you’re still with me and nodding along, this is what I want you to do in 2019.

Set yourself a 28 day process based goal. When you focus on what you do rather than the results that you get, I promise the results will come.

A simple but very effective example would be:

Print out a blank calendar for the month and cross out each day that you move your body for at least 15 minutes and ensure that you have at least 20 crosses in the first 28 days of January.

28 days really is the magic number. It’s short enough to stay focused and keep our eye on the prize but long enough to see results. Once you reach the end of your first 28 day block, reward yourself, set a new 28 day goal and go again.

You’ll be off to a different but very successful start in 2019.


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