I’m only a week late, but happy new year! I always love the turning over of a new year but now that I am a mum it is also kind of bittersweet. I want to hold on to every second with my baby girl but also love seeing her grow and develop her little personality.

2014 was actually a pretty awesome year for me. It was my first full year as a mum (after a 21 day head start in 2013), Kid Magazine went from strength to strength and I made lots of great new “mummy” and blogging friends. There were definitely hard days but if I sum up 2014 in three words I would say love, laughs, madness. It will be hard to top but here’s hoping 2015 will be a fabulous one!

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this last month or so. I needed to take a break while my website was updated so I could launch my shop. So exciting! I have lots of ideas bubbling away but to start I will be selling my super cute printable monthly milestone signs. Tell all your pregnant friends or buy them as a baby shower gift.

While I was taking a blog break we also celebrated Olivia’s first birthday. The poor thing was sick for her party and then by the time her birthday came around I had fallen sick so we were a little miserable but we still had a great time. We didn’t do a cake smash but she did eat cake for the first time on her birthday. Her little eyes lit up as she took those first bites and she looked at me with an expression that said, “why have you been keeping this from me all this time??”


My birthday is 23 December so more food, cake, family and celebration. We also took our Santa photo on my birthday. A bit of a family tradition from when I was a kid. Olivia wasn’t a big fan of Santa. She likes him from a distance but try and sit her on his lap and all hell breaks loose. We got a great photo in the end though.


Christmas was one of the most relaxed we have had. We opened presents at home in the morning and then went to my uncles for lunch. Olivia had a swim in the pool and enjoyed a bit of her Grandpa’s pudding and custard from the bowl he left on the ground. We went back to my parents place for a ham sandwich for dinner and then home to relax and put away all the gifts. We were seriously spoilt this year.




Boxing Day is always at my in-laws and a BBQ lunch with a bazillion types of dessert. Hubby is Italian so I have learnt to eat slowly so it always looks like I have something on my plate to prevent force feeding by his Nonna!

We spent New Years with hubby’s brother and his family. It was a gorgeous day in Sydney so we spent a bit of time in the park in the afternoon and then had some dinner, champagne and walked down the road to where we could see the bridge and the fireworks. I felt so lucky to live in this gorgeous city. New Years Day was spent lounging around in the pool, more eating and enjoying a beautiful day.


Hubby has been on holidays so I’ve been trying to catch up on washing, cleaning and work but it doesn’t always happen. The problem with getting out of routine is that it is hard to then get back into it. So here is my start at getting back into my blogging routine. Back to my 6am wake ups to work before Olivia wakes up.

How did you celebrate Christmas/New Year? Was 2014 a great year for you? How did your kids react the first time they ate cake?


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